This Child Burst Into Tears While other Kids celebrate Mother’s day during a school activity

Every year, it is part of the school calendar to celebrate important occasions where the students and their families come together to bond and spend time and have quality time with each other.

Although, for some students, it brings sad memories especially for those who are orphans or those whose parents are too tied up to their work that they cannot spare their time to attend this school activity.

A few days ago, in a school occasion celebrating mother’s day, one student was spotted crying alone.

Mother’s day is celebrated every August 12 to commemorate and give honors to the Queen Mother in Thailand. Usually, mothers of all the students enrolled in the school are invited to attend a special occasion wherein a special program is prepared to give tribute to them. Other activities were also prepared so that there’s a mother-kid bonding moment where they can enjoy each other’s company.

In a school located in the Om Noi Subdistrict of Samot Sakhon, Thailand, which is called Rumpa School, one student was spotted crying and trying to go over the fence. He was also looking inside the school, watching other students having a great time with their mothers. There was a video uploaded, but there are no reasons indicated why certain students are crying while it is evident that his mother was also not present during that time of the celebration.

It really brings sadness, taking a look at this student as he burst into tears as he tried to look inside the school premises while other students were having the time of their life with their mothers.

A lot of people in the social media were dismayed why the mother of this certain students was not there with her kid. There are comments stating that mothers should always be present in events like this because being not there will really scare the kid. Netizens expressed their sympathy to the student, thinking that his mother was already dead.

With so many people being curious about what is really the situation that occurred in the video, the person who uploaded the footage finally gave some facts to appease the netizens. The uploader said that the mother of the kid is still alive but arrived late during the celebration. The kid’s mother needed to prepare the stuff that she will sell in the market after the event is finished. It was such a relief!

Finally, the mother of the crying student arrived in the school a couple of minutes later – and she, along with her kid, joined other mothers and their kids and they had a great time altogether.

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Source: buzzooks