Teacher Gets Emotional after Receiving a Special Gift from His Students for His Birthday

*A teacher from Laguna got emotional when he received a new pair of shoes as a gift from his students for his birthday.
*According to a FB post, students chipped in for them to be able to buy a new pair of shoes for their teacher.

*It became viral and gathered praises from the netizens because it can’t be denied that this gesture in as “act of love” from the students.

Our teachers serve as our second parents, admit it or not. They have been part of our lives, and they are partly the ones who nurtured us to the person who we are today.

Photo Credit: Michelle Legaspi | Facebook

It cannot be denied that sometimes, we are even closer to our teachers because we even spend more time with them inside our schools. That’s why they knew too much about us, and we also knew much about them.

In a Facebook post, one teacher got emotional when he was surprised by his students during his birthday, and they gave him a new pair of shoes.

In Michelle Legaspi’s post who hails from San Pedro, Laguna. She said that she was teary-eyed at happy as well with the gesture of the students.

According to the post, the name of the teacher is, Sir Cezar Punzalan. He’s a teacher from Immaculate Heart of Mary School in San Pedro, Laguna. Moreover, Grade 12 students section Philemon contributed money for them to be able to buy Mr. Punzalan a new pair of shoes.

Photo Credit: Michelle Legaspi | Facebook

This is because the students noticed that his shoes that he usually wear going to work were already worn out and the soles of the shoes were already blunt.

Legaspi also shared that Mr. Punzalan walks for about an hour everyday from his home, going to the school where he works to save money because his child is ill.

“Naiyak ako eh. Teacher ni bunso sa Immac po nag ambag-ambag sila kasi medyo naawa kay sir, Sira na yata ang sapatos at may sakit ang anak. Naglalakad lang si sir galing sor magsaysay po pala. One hour makapasok lang sa school nila at makapagturo,” Legaspi said.

[I cried. He’s the teacher of my youngest child in Immac, they pitched in money because they pitied their teacher, His shoes were already worn out and his child is ill. He walks from Sor Magsaysay. It’s an hour walk to be able to go to their school to teach.]

In the video, it can be seen that Mr. Punzalan was walking towards the classroom when his students gave him a brown box.

When he opened it and saw a new pair of shoes inside it, tears fell from his eyes.

According to his students, this is just a small thing compared to the knowledge that he is imparting to them inside the classroom.

It is really heartwarming and very entertaining at the same time.
The video went viral with 43k likes at more than 26k shares as of posting.

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