Take A Tour Inside The Modern Kitchen and Dining Areas Of Concert Queen Pops Fernandez

Maria Cielito Lukban Fernandez or more popularly known as the Philippine concert queen Pops Fernandez owns this multi-level modern Asian home in Taguig City.

Just like other homeowners, Pops also has her own favorite spots in their house — which is the kitchen and dining areas. For the celebrity mom of two, these are the places where she can prepare food and eat meals with her loved ones.

The concert queen welcomed the YES! Magazine team into her home back in 2013, where she shared that she had gone through a couple of hurdles before she finally develops some talent for cooking and baking. Of course, with the special participation of her kids, Robin and Ram, who are often her taste testers.

“Pag nagluluto naman ako, naha-happy naman ‘yong mga anak ko, because sobrang they appreciate my effort. Plus, it gives us a lot of bonding time together,” the celebrity mom told YES! Magazine

Pops also added that enjoying meals together is another way for the three of them to make special moments and new experiences,

“We really love to eat. It’s another way for us to bond, and we love discovering new places to eat. For me, food is one of the joys in life, lalo na when you’re in another place. To be able to experience different types of food, di ba? Some are exotic, some are parang rare. Maganda rin siyang experience.”

The concert queen’s modern and elegant home has 300sqm multilevel property that features a modern Asian aesthetic dominated by natural light, wooden elements, and glass.

Inside this beautiful home, the living and dining areas have no dividers separating them, which make the place looks extra spacious and refreshing. They also have huge picture windows that not only gives a refreshing outdoor view to their guests, but also allow natural light to stream inside their home.

Let’s take a sneak peek inside the concert queens favorite parts of her multi-level modern Asian home in Taguig.

Dining Area

By looking at Pops’ dining area, people can easily guess that she loves the color red. Originally, her dining chairs were colored white, but when it started showing signs of wear-and-tear. Pops adorned the upholstered chair with red fabrics and matched it with a red sculpture on the console table against the wall and some red accessories.

This sculpture, as well as the abstract painting on the wall, were gifts from Pops’ mother, Dulce Lukban. She also put some glass accessories on display to tone down the red in the space.

When she bought this house, it came with this rectangular table from Calligaris. That’s why even though she really wanted to have a square dining table, she just chose to keep since it came from a furniture brand she loves.


As for her spacious kitchen and well-equipped kitchen, it features a design that instantly captured her taste.

“So nice, di ba? Parang nakakaengganyo to cook more. When it’s just the three of us, [Pops and her two sons], I prepare food and serve it straight from here, dito na agad sa counter. Basta, I like the whole flow,” Pops shared.

To make food preparation easier, this kitchen has a U-shaped island and generous counter space by the window.

On one side of the space, they installed the wall oven, which is surrounded by high-gloss black cabinets that provide enough storage while adding a sleek appeal to the cooking area. The elegant bar stools placed beside the U-shaped island comes in black and red combination.

Located above the sink is the overhead frosted cabinet that is perfect storage for dinnerware. They also put some yellow lights inside the cabinets, which give off a warm glow when turned on.

Meanwhile, another wall side of this sophisticated kitchen separates this area from the foyer. This blank wooden wall covers the cooking area.

During the YES! Team’s tour inside her house, the concert queen also prepared a Cheesy Pasta for her guests. She revealed that when her friends learn that she can now prepare some dishes, they were all surprised,

“Marunong naman ako, my God! Siyempre, pag masyado na akong magaling diyan e parang lahat ginawa ko na, huwag naman,” she said in jest.