Take a Peek at Three-Storey Home of Vice Ganda in Quezon City

A very contemporary and with no unnecessary decorations is what you can say when you see the house of Vice Ganda. Contrary to the comedian’s personality as what we usually see in Its Showtime and other shows.

Vice Ganda is known as a very jolly person, very playful and also a very busy person. You’ll know it if you are an avid fan who always watch his TV shows or by just even lurking of his social media accounts. A person who’s really good at cracking jokes, making people laugh until their stomach hurts, and displays a very peculiar fashion style that only him can give justice to the clothes. Amidst all of these, there’s another side of Vice which is foreign to us but is manifested in his home.

“Simple lang talaga ako. Siguro ‘yung mundong ginagalawan ko ang komplikado…Gusto ko natural,” he said.

[I am just a very simple person. Maybe the world that I am living in is the one that is complicated… I just want it natural]

Avelle Francisco helped Vice Ganda in terms of the design of his house. Avelle implemented Vice’s “wants and needs” when it comes to the design and styling that made the house a place where Vice can just spend time away from the limelight and cameras. Located in Quezon City, Vice’s house imbibes monochromatic palette, elegant pieces of furniture, and contemporary embellishments that perfectly fit when everything is combined, creating a well lighted, serene, and very well put together home.

Living Area

Photo credits: realliving

The design direction of the house is to create a Modern Zen vibe, giving it a well lighted, tidy and peaceful space. Muted colors can be seen all over the place such as black and grey, but most especially white. Vice acquired from Contemporaneo which boasts the sectional sofa. There’s also a glass coffee table, and the area rug’s design is very sleek that makes the house more elegant and homey.

There’s an abstract painting in the living room that gives the space more color and truly a conversation piece. It was a present from Avelle which he got from Artasia Gallery in SM Megamall.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

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Minimalist design is the primary thematic in the common places of Vice Ganda’s house. Embellishments were toned down, only highlighting the important and necessary decors. Rather than having a very intricate centerpiece in the dining area, Vice wanted to have a more stylish and elegant piece.

A very sophisticated dining set complimented by a brown table runner really gave it a glamorous look. Enhanced by the Crystal bowl and matching candleholders which is very special because Vice’s mom was the one who purchased it during one of her trips in the US.

Dining Area

Photo credits: realliving

Vice asked Contemporaneo to make the customized glass-top dining table and upholstered dining chairs which accented the white walls of the dining area. You can also find a black painted console cabinet, same finish with the dining table and chairs where picture frames and different trinkets were in place.

A very playful and fashionable chandelier from Illuminati which resembles shooting stars is such eye candy to the overall look of the dining area. The windows were designed to catch enough daylight and wind that keeps the place well lit and well ventilated.


Photo credits: realliving

When you get to visit Vice’s kitchen, it’s really instagrammable and could be one of the photo pegs on Pinterest. The simplicity of having an L-shaped layout really made it more accessible and serves more function. Having a granite top makes it easier to clean and could last longer. Appliances also were very well curated as it follows a color palette matching the white cabinets and drawers.
You can see that almost all of the necessary kitchen accessories are in color black or made of stainless steel.

Vice’s Bedroom

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Vice being a unique individual manifests in his bedroom as, compared to the other rooms, it’s the only room with a color accent. Still conforming to the black and white color scheme but the headboard padded by a red fabric made it more interesting. Totoy Santiago made the headboard panels that goes perfectly with the contemporary platform bed, a cozy white accent chair and the relaxing linens.

A very prominent floor lamp can be easily noticed by the bedside. Looking like an umbrella will surely have you reminisce the lighting accessories that are used during shootings.

“Artista sya e, bagay sa personality”, Avelle mentioned.

[He’s an actor, it fits his personality.]


Photo credits: realliving

Although the bathroom is not that big, but the fixtures that were used are quite enticing all from a notable brand which is Kohler. A big mirror was installed on the side of the wall to make space seem bigger. There’s also a transparent glass shower enclosure inside the bathroom. Tiles were also in black and white, consistent with the house’s color palette.

Second-Floor Veranda

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The house also nests a veranda which is located in front of the house. Truly, it is a place where Vice can marvel the beauty of the neighborhood and have breakfast with family and friends. Glass railings up to waist high were built to secure people from falling yet it added a statement with regard to the design intention.

In the veranda, you can also find an oven egg-shaped chair from Our Home and a four-seater table set with a glass top purchased from SM North Edsa. These furniture pieces really made the area a place where they can hang out, chill and make quality time with his family.