Take a Look Inside Zsa Zsa Padilla and Conrad’s Modern Asian House

A three-story home lies in Makati where the singer/actress and architects are building new great stories of their lives.

The story of how their relationship blossomed can be compared to a romantic best selling novel or even a blockbuster movie. Zsazsa Padilla and Conrad Onglao, both have already tied the knot from their previous spouses, Zsazsa was married to Dr. Modesto Tatlonghari while Conrad was married to an Interior Designer, Ivy Almario. They were also involved in a relationship and stayed with their partners for a couple of years. Zsazsa was with the King of Comedy, Dolphy, for 23 years until he died last 2012 and Conrad was in a ten-year commitment with a beauty queen.

Through their friend, the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, she paved the way for these two people to have gotten their paths crossed together. Now that they are engaged, they are now living together in a three-story house which is designed by Conrad himself. It is located in an exclusive village in Makati. You would certainly love how the Asian embellishments were used to decorate the house, and how the simplicity of having white walls and clear glass windows gave the house a modern feel.


There are no gates or barriers built outside the house because Architect Conrad Onglao didn’t want to have any obstruction for showcasing the three-story house (Actually, it’s a four-story house if you include the basement). For security measures, there’s a home security system installed. To strengthen the security system, CCTV units will be added soon to get surveillance with the happenings outside the house premises.

Landscape artist, Ponce Veridiano decided to have Buddha belly, selloums, ferns, and large elephant ears together with mango, macopa and chesa trees to surround the exterior spaces of the house.


Upon entering the main house, there stood a foyer that is very well lit and breezy. Part of the Filipino tradition says that putting a glass in front of the door brings bad luck, but it didn’t stop Conrad in putting so to make the place look more spacious.


A fashionable way of having a contemporary designed staircase using clear glass that is tempered, veering away from the usual railing can be seen. It’s sleek design made it really outstanding and Pinterest worthy.

There are two Anita Magsaysay-Ho charcoals sketches which are both framed that are hanging on the wall beneath the staircase. It was given two him as a Christmas gift by the late artist says Conrad.
(Anita was one of the Thirteen Moderns, considered as the pioneers of Philippine modern art. – ed.)


The area for entertaining and receiving guests is located on the other side of the staircase. Conrad has a collection of various jars Zamboanga, China, Indonesia, Franca, and the United States which are kept in an open cabinet equipped with a built-in lighting system.


This certain spot of the staircase gives you the view looking onto the foyer; the receiving area as well as the living area on the second floor. It is evident that there are no walls dividing the various spaces inside the house, ergo giving it more space and vastly feel.


The outdoor property surrounding the house was also visually enhanced because of the beautiful plants. These plants served as the torch that kept the couple’s burning passion for each other alive.

Living Area

Floor to ceiling glass was used as division instead of the usual solid walls. By doing so, it makes space seem bigger than it actually is.

An L-shaped sofa, a clear glass top coffee table and a rug with zebra print were used to complete the look of the area.

Grand Piano

A black Kawai grand piano can be seen in the living area. Not being able to play music using the piano, Conrad still decided to put one. The reason behind it is because it gives an accent and definition to space. They can also easily ask a professional pianist to play music for them whenever they have special occasions at hand.

Dining Area

An open layout gives you an option to really maximize the space that you have. Putting area rugs to give definition to space would be advisable rather than dividing the areas with walls.
To give you an idea, an animal rug can be used for the living area while a patterned rug can be laid out in the kitchen area.


Who would’ve thought that their white kitchen (literally cause almost everything is in white), is most favorite part of the couple. Conrad and Zsazsa love this area because it emits coziness, stylishness and most importantly, the comfort that it brings to them.

Another dining area is also available for the couple to eat and indulge in with their daily meals. And because Conrad and Zsazsa were the only ones to dwell in this lovely home, it’s just simply practical to have a small dining table where they can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner all by themselves.

Second Floor Living Area

More often than not, the couple prefers to be home than going elsewhere. They just want to hold parties or even just simple get together in their beautiful abode. Of course, they have enough room and seats to accommodate their guests. A tufted daybed is available in the living area on the second floor which is an adorable accent complementing the space.


The den, which the couple seldom use has served it’s new function. Zsazsa turned it into a place to do Pilates where thrice a week, an instructor comes over to give personal classes.

Roof Deck

The roofdeck can be a perfect venue if Conrad and Zsazsa were to host a dinner or any other occasion. You can see the vista of Makati City Skyline, a romantic spot where the couple can also spend quality time together.

Master Bedroom

To make it grandiose, the ceiling of the master bedroom was raised for about two-story-high as per Conrad. Given the ceiling height, the grandness of the room feels like you are really a royalty in a palace.

Master Bedroom

Rounding off the extravagant area, different seating furniture pieces were added that can be utilized while reading a book or doing work.

Master Bathroom

Being a man with foresight, Conrad already thought of installing fixtures for him and to the future love of his life when he built this contemporary Asian house, long before he met Zsazsa.
Two bathrooms, as well as two lavatories, were put into place because one day he knew that someone will come along to complete the missing puzzle in his life.


Contemporary design, glass windows, and vivid lighting made the house sleek looking especially during night time.


A private elevator is also one of the special features of the house. Located in front, hidden by the columns, it brings the function of the house to the next level where the couple finds it very comfortable to get to the other floors of the house. But still, most of the time, they just use the stairs.