Mylene Dizon Revealed The Reason Why She Doesn’t Want To Marry Jason Webb

42-year-old veteran actress Mylene Dizon is happy and in love with her former basketball star boyfriend, Jason Webb, for more than six years now.

Jason is currently an assistant coach for the PBA team Magnolia Hotshots Pambansang Manok. He is the son of former national basketball player Freddie Web. Mylene, on the other hand, is a dramatic actress — her most recent role is the mother of Bianca Umali in the drama series “Sahaya” broadcast by GMA Network.

The couple confirmed their relationship in October 2013 and they seem to have found a work-life balance as their relationship appears to be going strong until now.

While for many couples having an exclusive partner for several years might already be enough to tie the knot, the veteran actress has her own view when it comes to marriage.

The ‘Sahaya’ actress previously shared in an interview that she has no plan to make her relationship with Jason Webb official by getting married as she does not want to get hitched.

What makes her think that way is seeing a lot of failed marriages around her. Mylene is also concerned that once she gets married, there is also a chance that it will fail too.

“I’m just surrounded by so many people whose marriages have fallen apart where in the beginning they were fine,” Mylene said.

While she admits knowing a number of married couples who are happy and their relationships last longer, she pointed out that what she has right now is something that she’s already happy and contented.

“Siguro marami ang magsasabing marami namang successful marriages, yes of course there are. Pero I am surrounded by failed marriages, and I’m in a very good place right now, why rock it?” she added.

The 42-year-old actress went on to explain the advantages of a relationship with no marriage attached. She said that once the relationship does not work well or if your partner cheats on you, it is easier to get away because you don’t have to experience the pain of divorce and separation.

“Of course, sabi ng iba, ‘puwede ka namang lokohin ng boyfriend mo. Of course, puwede pero hindi ko sila asawa. Mas madaling takasan. Maraming magbabatikos, pero choice ko to eh,” Mylene explained.

For now, Mylene clarified that it’s her choice to stay in a relationship without marriage and what’s more important for them is that they’re enjoying each other’s company.