Look: “Sino Ang May Sala” Star Jodi Sta. Maria Shares Being Betrayed By A Friend In Real Life

Jodi Chrissie García Santamaria or better known by her screen name, Jodi Sta. Maria is currently playing the lead role in ABS-CBN’s hit drama series “Sino Ang May Sala” (Mea Culpa).

With the show’s storyline revolving around betrayal and justice, the members of the cast were also asked during one of their set’s visits if they experienced any form of deception in real life.

According to PUSH, Jodi Sta. Maria, who plays the role of Fina Baniaga in the show shares her horrible experience in the past of being a real victim of a similar scenario where a friend of the actress betrayed her for money.

The 37-year-old Kapamilya actress did not provide further details about her friend’s identity, but she said that she invested in a business venture to that former business partner and did not get anything in return.

“Ano ‘to eh. Kasi sa business ‘to eh na nangyari sa ‘kin. May nakilala ako, pinagkatiwalaan ko siya, tapos nag-invest ako dun sa negosyo niya. But then, alam mo ‘yung hindi niya binigay kung ano ‘yung dapat na sa akin,” she shared.

Jodi also added that what she experienced was actually more painful because it came from someone whom she considered her friend.

The “Sinong May Sala” star added that when she talked to her former business partner to discuss her share, what’s even worse is that friend of her got angry. “And then later on, nung kinakausap ko na siya – siyempre kailangan ko nga kunin ‘yung akin – siya pa ‘yung galit,” Jodi stated.

Despite this bad experience, Jodi said that she had simply let go of her anger and surrender it to God and let Him handle the situation.

“After nun, siyempre lesson learned na ‘yun sa akin. Pero wala rin naman ako ginawa. Ang ginawa ko na lang, sinurrender ko na lang siya. Ni-release ko na lang siya kay Lord. Siya na ‘yung bahala,” the 37-year-old Kapamilya actress added.

Last April, the Kapamilya actress shared a heartwarming Instagram post, where she introduced her family for the first time and wrote an appreciation post describing how she feels so loved and blessed for having them around.

She wrote:

“I am truly blessed to have a family which I have. You have never stopped loving me even when I can get difficult, you never ceased to guide me even when you know sometimes (o sige na nga most of the time) I want to have it my way, and you continuously support me & cheer me on with every endeavor.”