Look: Pinay Teacher Goes Viral For Her Beautiful Handwriting On the Board

Education is important in everyone’s life, and to be able to achieve this, we need a good teacher that will act as a good role model and will help mold us into a responsible citizen of our country.

While inside the classroom, the teachers are considered as the students’ second parents. That’s why they’re also expected to inspire and encourage their students to be the best version of themselves.

On Facebook, a post shared by the FB page “Rant” is making rounds online. It shows a photo of a female teacher writing on the whiteboard with a caption, “ganda ng sulat ni maam”.

Based on the date on the photo, it was taken last July 22.

The netizens were really amazed by how beautiful she wrote each word of her class activity for the day as if she was one of the participants for a handwriting competition.

As seen in the photo, the teacher wrote:

“Activity: On a half sheet of paper, explain the sayings in two to three sentences.”

“Ang lalagyan na walang laman ay maingay”, “Sa taong walang takot, walang mataas na bakod”, and “Ang pagsasabi ng tapat, pagsasama nang maluwat”.

Many netizens couldn’t help but admire her handwriting skills or penmanship, with some saying that they also wished to be able to write like her.

Here are some of their comments on the post:

“Sana kahit isang araw man lang gumanda nang ganito ang penmanship ko…”

“How I wish I have this kind of handwriting!”

“Yung teacher mong naglelecture lang pero mukhang kasali sa slogan contest yung penmanship.”

Another thing that caught their attention is the content of her writing as it appeared that she delivered the instruction in English, but the activity itself was written in Filipino.

Because of this, many were also curious as to what is the real subject that she’s teaching.

“Napansin ko lang, ano kayang subject ang tinuturo ni Ma’am, English or Filipino?”

“Filipino Teacher po ba siya? Kung ganun, dapat purong Filipino dapat ang sentence niya. Pero ganda nga ng hand writing niya.”

“This is somehow ironic, the instructions are in English language but the test itself was written in Filipino language.”

As of this writing, the post already received more than 14k reactions and 30k shares on Facebook. However, there are no clear details yet about her real name as well as the school she’s teaching.