Look: PBB’s FumiYam Sacrifice Their Chance To Win The Condo Prize For Karina And Yen

Recently, “Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s” Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong, collectively known as FumiYam, once again amazed a lot of people after they made another big sacrifice inside the PBB House.

The friendship these two housemates made inside and outside the house has touched the hearts of many people. And now, the “Spiritual Brothers” made their fans and supporters really proud as they recently showed how selfless they can be and that they both have a heart of gold.

In an episode of “PBB Otso Gold” last July 24, Big brother asked the Batch 2 if they’re ready to compete for the upcoming challenge, many were shocked upon hearing Fumiya and Yamyam’s decision to both give up their chance to win the condominium prize for their housemates Karina Bautista and Yen Quirante.

“Ako, handa akong lumaban sa condo,” Yamyam revealed. “[Pero] minsan, sa buhay natin mahirap, pero ‘pag may time tayo tumulong, handa tayong tumulong. Ganito tayo, eh. Pilipino tayo. Nagtutulungan [at] nagmamahalan.” Yamyam said.

“Nabuo ko ‘tong desisyon na ‘to dahil pinalaki ako ng magulang ko na kahit mahirap kami, handa pa rin tumulong sa ibang tao. Kaya itong pagkakataon kong ito, ibibigay ko ‘to sa taong gusto kong tulungan,” he continued.

The 25-year-old PBB Housemate from Bohol surprised everyone with his decision of giving his spot to Karina, who was left in tears.

Kaya ibibigay ko ‘to sa’yo…Karina,” Yamyam declared.

Meanwhile, Fumiya, who is also known as the Konichi-Wonder Vlogger from Japan also gave his slot to someone he thinks is more deserving than him. The full-blooded Japanese housemate sacrifice for the 16-year-old pride of Camarines Sur, Yen Quirante.

“I don’t have family [and] friends dito. I don’t have place dito. My place is only Kuya’s house that’s why I need condo. Pero I came here in this house and [I] talked to many people. I [learned] many stories,” he said.

“I remember few days ago, I talked to you and then I knew na mahirap ang [iyong] buhay. So, I’ll give this to…Yen,” Fumiya added.

Yamyam Gucong and Fumiya Sankai were among Pinoy Big Brother Otso Big Four for the Adult Batch, together with One–Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette.

Fumiyam are also part of PBB’s Big 8, who will come face to face in the upcoming days to fight for a spot in the Ultim8 Big Four.