Look: Megastar Sharon Cuneta Slams Pregnancy Rumors On Her Daughter KC Concepcion

Sharon Cuneta’s eldest daughter KC Concepcion has long been away from the limelight as she had her focus on her jewelry line called “the Avec Moi”. Because of that, many have never seen her for quite some time and people only got the chance to see and hear updates about her through her social media accounts.

That’s why some people can’t help but assume that her showbiz absence was to conceal her pregnancy. As a matter of fact, these rumors have long been surfacing online and even linked to her gaining some weight.

But recently, KC’s mother, Sharon Cuneta finally speaks up and slammed those who keep on insisting that her eldest daughter is pregnant. KC is her daughter with actor Gabby Concepcion.

Last August 7, the 53-year-old celebrity mom shared her family’s latest pictorial with their furbabies on Instagram. However, there are some netizens who left malicious remarks on the comment section particularly for her eldest daughter KC.

One netizen wrote, “No doubt, KC is pregnant,” to which Sharon replied, “Start doubting”.

For those who were persistent insisting that KC is pregnant, the Megastar firmly denied these claims stating that her daughter is not pregnant and have never been pregnant.

“No, for those who so maliciously and cattily commented here, KC is NOT pregnant. Never been.”

On the other hand, KC herself also clarified the issue from her online bashers and answered the unending speculations that she is pregnant.

In a Q&A portion on her Instagram stories last August 8, the 34-year-old actress encountered the question: “Are you pregnant KC?”

KC took it lightly and pointed out that the pregnancy rumors have been circulating since her college years and even until now that she’s already 34. She went on and said that she wished she could be pregnant.

“You guys have to stop with these ‘pregnant’ rumors already. That rumor has been going around since my college years for no reason. I have never been pregnant in my life. In fact, how I wish I could be!” she said.

Another remark that KC responded was

“Ang bansang tumaba ka lang buntis ka na, Philippines!!! Love you Kace.”

“Korek! Kaya nga eto nagpapapayat na ‘ko at nag-eenjoy sa life at baka mapagkamalan pa akong buntis ng paulit-ulit… ulit ulit… walang katapusan,” KC wrote.

source: pikapika