Look: Judy Ann Santos’ Only Shopping Rule For Her Children, “Doon sila sa mura”

ABS-CBN’s Queen of Teleseryes Judy Ann Santos is undeniably one of the most prominent and anticipated actresses in the local entertainment industry today.

She has been in the glitz and glamour of showbiz for more than 3 decades already, which helped her achieve the fame and fortune she has right now.

Last May, Judy Ann and her husband Agoncillo opened their new restaurant in Manila called “Angrydobo,” which features the 41-year-old celebrity mom’s recipes of the popular Filipino dish.

Photo Credit: Judy Anne Santos- Agoncillo | Instagram

This restaurant is the couple’s supplementary source of income, aside from the fact that they’ve already stashed away a good bulk of their hard-earned showbiz earnings.

But despite the overwhelming blessings that she and her family have, it’s really amazing to hear such stories that when it comes to educating her children about money, she still does it in a plain and simple way.

During the launch of Champion Supra Power Detergent at the Makati Diamond Residences on August 5, Juday shared some parenting hacks and tips where she revealed her wise spending habits for her kids, “Doon sila sa mura,” she said.

Photo Credit: Judy Anne Santos- Agoncillo | Instagram

According to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the celebrity mom of three said during the interview that even at a young age, her kids already know how to be smart in spending money.

She said, “They’re not materialistic people, e. Basta nagustuhan nila ang isang bagay, regardless kung mura o mahal, doon sila sa mura. Kasi aware sila, conscious sila, hindi sila naniniwala na dapat mahal ang gamit mo.”

Juday continued that this trait is something that Yohan, Lucho, and Luna learned from them.

“Siguro kasi we don’t divulge naman to them the brands that are high-end,” she added

She even encouraged her kids to go for the cheaper option whenever they like some item that is quite expensive.

Another good thing that Judy Ann and Ryan have been teaching their kids is to be generous and share their blessings to the less-fortunate children they see on the streets.

She shared: “As much as possible, kami ni Ry [Ryan], we try to tell them na whatever we have is a blessing. So we also share. We share what God has given us because everything we have now is temporary. The material things are just there so you can buy it anytime and you can give it away.

“I allow them to converse with the children on the streets, asking for money. I always tell them if you have extra baon, you give it to them. If you’re not comfortable giving them money, then you give them your extra baon ng pagkain.”

Photo Credit: Judy Anne Santos- Agoncillo | Instagram

That’s why Yohan and Lucho usually bring extra food in their lunchboxes when they go to school as the two children “would consciously try to set aside something for whenever they would see a child begging or sino man mapansin nilang may kailangan ng something. I like it na we are raising our children as compassionate as possible,” the kind-hearted mom said.

She went on and shared that she always tells her kids that food and money are blessings, but these things can only be considered as material things. The value of these blessings multiplied even higher when it’s shared with those people who need it most.

The celebrity couple also tells their kids always that, “The only thing that is permanent is family.”

When it comes to their budgeting style, Juday also opened up in a previous presscon attended by PEP how she and her husband spend their family income.

The couple divides their earnings into three categories: family expenses, personal expenses, and savings.

“Expenses sa house, suweldo ng mga angels [househelp],” tuition, insurance, and travels fall into the family expenses category.

The 42-year-old actress revealed that for personal leisure, she doesn’t spend much on shoes and bags, as she’s more on buying items that are needed in the kitchen, she said, “Nag-go-grocery ako everyday! It’s my therapy. Grocery and hardware.”

Meanwhile, her husband splurges on cars, but Juday said that she’s okay with it as long as they have set aside a certain amount of their respective salaries.

“Hindi isyu kung bumili si Ryan ng kotse basta may entrega,” she stated.