Look: Gretchen Fullido Shares Why She Decided To Freeze Her Eggs At Age 35

Kapamilya News’ Entertainment anchor Gretchen Fullido recently shared that she has decided to freeze her eggs as a birthday gift for herself.

On Instagram, the beautiful news anchor happily announced that she underwent a process called egg freezing that would allow her to have a baby at her own time.

Photo credits: gretsfullido | Instagram


Egg freezing or also known as oocyte cryopreservation is a method of fertility preservation, where eggs are thawed and fertilized in the laboratory to make embryos that can be placed in a woman’s uterus at the time when she is ready to become a mother.

Gretchen wrote:

“I’m so happy to share this news with you! I finally decided to freeze my eggs! Will document my journey and show you how I did my procedure in Victory Art Laboratory in Makati with daughter & father doctors Gia & Greg Pastorfide.”

She included a photo with the OB-Gynecologist and fertility specialist Dr. Gia Pastorfide and her father Dr. Greg Pastorfide taken at Victory Art Laboratory in Makati where she had the said process. There, she also met other patients who shared their own inspiring stories.

Photo credits: gretsfullido | Instagram

“Been praying about this for a few years now and my dream finally came true! It’s the best birthday gift I can ever give to myself! Now I can take control of my life, not rush on anything and have a baby in my own time, in God’s perfect time,” she added.

Gretchen, who recently turned 35 years old last June 4, said that this was one of the best decisions she has made in her life and the “best birthday gift” to herself.

Photo credits: gretsfullido | Instagram

She also promised to release a video soon on her YouTube channel documenting her whole journey,

“So excited to share my journey to all women who have been wanting to harvest their eggs.”

The 35-year-old Kapamilya News’ Entertainment anchor also had a piece of advice to those who are considering egg freezing as an option or still having second thoughts about it,

“If you’ve been thinking about it, Go Freeze it!”