Look: Girl With No Female Best Friends Assigned Her Male Friends To Be Her Bridesmaids 

In most weddings, bridesmaids are typically a woman, and often a close friend or relative of the bride.

If someone was asked to be part of a wedding as a bridesmaid, they must also consider it as a huge honor, because it only means that the bride really considers them as one of the closest friends she has in her life.

But what if you’re like this girl who doesn’t have any close female friends to serve as bridesmaids on her big day? Just like what happened to this bride from Malaysia named Aina Shahirah, who only had guy best friends.


Aina’s groom already had his own circle of friends to be in the wedding party, and she will not let this once in a lifetime event happened without the special participation of her circle of friends. That’s why when she started planning for her wedding, she asked her best friends, all-male, to be part of the entourage as her bridesmaids.

In a now-viral Twitter post, Aina recently shared some photos of her all-male bridesmaid that was taken during her wedding last year.

The first photo she shared with the caption, “My male best friends were my bridesmaids last year” shows that they also had a hilarious photoshoot with the guys wearing pink pajamas and posing like ladies and making their best impressions just like what brides and bridesmaids do!

Another photo shows, her bridesmaids, but now they wore more formal (pants and a white polo shirt), manly clothes at the Muslim wedding.

Despite being straight males, these guys still acted the part of her bridesmaids as they brought her flowers and played the roles of real bridesmaids.

But although she did not further explain why she only had male best friends, we might just assume that her situation is probably like the computer engineer bride who also went viral for having her male best friends as her bridesmaids some years ago, because she works in a career where few women are in.

Source: buzzooks.