Look: 15 Famous Filipino Celebrities Who Left Showbiz To Find A Simple & Peaceful Life Abroad 

Many Filipino celebrities stay in the showbiz industry until they grow old. However, there are also some that believe that there’s more to life than showbiz.

They are those celebrities who have decided to leave their careers behind to live a normal life far away from the spotlight. When we mentioned the word “far,” it literally means moving or migrating in a different country.

Lucky for these former celebrities, they were able to find a good career outside show business and they’re now living a happy and simpler life.

Without further ado, here’s the list of 15 famous Filipino celebrities who are now living their awesome lives outside the Philippines:

1. Nancy Castiglione

The former actress-model is currently with her family in Canada, where she is also working as a Business Development Manager at Sharp Insurance.

2. Carol Banawa

The former singer and actress rose to fame in the late 90s and early 2000s after appearing on several TV shows in the Philippines, such as “Tabing Ilog”, “Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggang”, and “Bituin”. She also gave voice to the classic OPM songs like “Bakit ‘Di Totohanin” and “Iingatan Ka”. Carol is now a registered nurse in the US with her husband Ryan Crisostomo and their two kids, Chelsea and River.

3. Beth Tamayo

Beth Tamayo, who was an actress popular in the 1990s is now in San Francisco, California with her boyfriend Alexander Gredysa.

4. Cindy Kurleto

The former VJ, model, and actress migrated with her partner and their kids to Austria.

5. Krista Ranillo

Krista, who came from a “showbiz family” left the limelight to pursue a degree in law. She is now in the US with her businessman husband Niño Jeff and their four kids.

6. Joyce Jimenez

Tagged as “Pantasya Ng Bayan,” the former sexy actress Joyce Jimenez is now living in the US with her Filipino-American US Air Force Officer husband Paul Ely Egbalic and their three kids.

7. G Toengi

The Former celebrity G Toengi is currently living with her husband Tim Walters and their two children in the US. She left the Philippine showbiz industry to study, and she is now a TV producer.

8. Anjanette Abayari

The former actress who played the iconic role of Darna now has two children and was reportedly engaged to a pastor in California.

9. Kim Delos Santos

The former TGIS star and Kapuso star is now a nurse in New Jersey, USA.

10. Serena Dalrymple

This well-known and well-loved former child star is now a corporate professional in a prestigious media company in New York. Serena rose to fame when she appeared in the films, “Bata, Bata… Pa’no Ka Ginawa?”, “Type Kita, Walang Kokontra”, “Daddy O! Baby O!”, and “Ang Tanging Ina”.

11. Princess Punzalan

The former actress and ex-wife of Willie Revillame is now a nurse and a mommy in the US. Princess left the show business for a quiet life with her husband Jason Field.

12. Ate Glow

Renee Facunla, who was known for her screen name Ate Glow (an impersonator of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) is now in London, England with her British partner.

13. Tootsie Guevarra

Former OPM singer Tootsie Guevarra or Emma Therese Pinga in real-life now resides in California with her Italian-American husband Mike Monaco.

14. BB Gandanghari

Robin Padilla’s sibling was previously reported working as an Uber driver in the US. BB Gandanghari is also trying to find success as an actor in Hollywood, California.

15. Julia Clarete

The former actress and Eat Bulaga host is now in Malaysia with her Irish husband and her son, Sebastian.