Jennylyn Mercado’s Two-Storey Modern Home and What You’ll Love About It

Relaxing spaces and serene feel of the house truly fits a dedicated actress who relentlessly work hard to improve her craft.

Most of us consider our home as a sanctuary where we feel secure and a place where we can relax after hustling all day. Managing a whole bunch of schedules and walking on busy streets, just by merely seeing your gate or front door will make you sigh as a sign of relief. Similar to a hug that we kept on asking for more, it’s also a place where rejuvenation occurs, have a quality quiet time with your family, and also a place where you can be just yourself, laying around and do whatever stuff you want.

Jennylyn Mercado, an award-winning actress, really treasures her home located in Quezon City – a venue where she can hibernate and just completely enjoy herself not thinking of work and other obligations. Similar to the Starstruck Grand winner, her house really depicts a non-complicated and luxurious feel. Sleek pieces of furniture can be found all over the house to complete the whole look and what’s outstanding are the kitchen appliances which make it very trailblazing. Let’s have a glimpse of Jennylyn’s humble abode and let us tell you our favorite spots in her house.

The Stylish Foyer

Jennylyn gives her personal touch to her home by giving her thoughts with regard to the furnishings of the first floor. The console table that is made out of wood and was done in Pampanga, finished with an array of decors, pictures, and other eye-catching embellishments. There’s also a small turntable at the bottom shelf, a gift from Jericho Rosales who became one of Jennylyn’s on-screen leading man.

The alluring foyer seating area

As you can see, there are two black upholstered comfortable chairs found in the foyer where she can rest, spend time reading books and also where Jennylyn can have a chit chat with her guests. There’s also a console table accentuated with decors and books.

A place where music plays

Little did we know that Jennylyn can also play the guitar aside from her talent in singing. She also have a Yamaha baby grand piano in the music nook. Having this kind of area is simply the best because it’s a perfect way to gather families and friends around the piano and enjoy singing songs while someone is playing either the piano or the guitar or it can even be both.

The Sleek Living Area

A very mesmerizing living area in bright and neutral tones is what Jennylyn’s house can offer. With its emanating serene mood, one can say that it’s very homey and be comfortable hanging out in the living area. To finish off the look of the area, a beige tufted couch together with accent chairs were added. There’s also an ottoman as well as chrome legged coffee table acquired from a furniture artisan in Pampanga. There’s also a colored striped area rug, which adds to the aesthetics of the area.

The elegant dining area

Jennylyn along with her family have had countless breakfast, lunch, and dinner sharing stories together and cherishing the moments and quality time in this well-illuminated space. A capacity of ten people can fit in the dining table purchased from Restoration. A charming set of cube pendant lights were installed to provide ambient lighting is from the Illuminati Technique.

Another dining area

There’s another dining area located not very far from the kitchen. Eight people can fit in the table and it showcases cantilevered chairs. It’s a perfect area where you can set up breakfast, a preparation area for cooking, and even for merienda. There’s a TV placed on one side of the wall where you can watch TV shows in between while eating.

The efficient Kitchen

Having a big and fully equipped kitchen is one homeowner can only hope for. Jennylyn’s kitchen had a very good space planning that it gives a person who will cook a very sufficient moving space and be able to comfortably move around and cook efficiently.

There are plenty of storage spaces like drawers and overhead cabinets. Jennylyn always sees to it that it’s always spic and span.

A very contemporary and appliances of the best quality were in place that makes the kitchen well put together.

The wall that can tell a story

At the stairs landing on the 2nd floor, you can find a personal gallery with the favorite pictures of Jennylyn. Gathered from her trips, family events, shoots as well as her triathlon races – it’s a quick preview of how Jennylyn enjoys her productive life. Also, you’ll never miss seeing photos of Jennylyn’s adorable son, Alex and her mom, Mommy Lydia.

The Den that seems like a movie house

In the den is where Jennylyn loves to find time having bonding moments with her family. A place where they talk, watch movies together and at the same time, having snacks. Three reclining seats were to be found inside the den that will make you feel that you are inside a cinema theater.

The powder room that is free from mess

On the first floor, you can find the powder room that is usually utilized by the guests. The interiors were designed with mosaic tiles that made it stylish. Of course, almost everyone needs to go to the powder room that’s why a basket of towels was provided under the sink that guests can use to wipe their hands and faces. There’s a reed diffuser on the slim shelf that keeps the place odor-free.

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