Iskonek Kiosks Newly opened in Bonifacio Shrine: Free Wifi, Mobile Phone Charging and Landline calls Now Available

*Mayor Isko Moreno opens Iskonek Kiosks in Bonifacio Shrine.

*These kiosks provide free Wi-fi connection, phone charging, and landline calls.

*There are plans to install 50 more Iskonek Kiosks in different areas of the city.

It is expected that there are many more people who will be enticed to visit the Andres Bonifacio Shrine in the City of Manila because of the Iskonek Kiosks that gives access to free Wi-fi, free mobile phone charging, and free landline calls.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno led the inauguration of the kiosks that enable one hundred users to the internet connection. There’s a 30-minute time limit access for every user to give a chance to others who might want to use the service.

After 30 minutes, you need to log in again to connect to the internet.

According to Mayor Isko, the concept of the Iskonek kiosk is based on LinkNYC that is used in Manhattan, New York to provide a free and fast internet connection to the residents and tourists there.

Mayor Isko also said that the city government did not spend a dime in building the Iskonek Kiosks except for the electricity. The project was created with the help of two private companies – the Eastern Communications and another one which remained to be identified.

Atty. Aileen Regio, who is the coordinator of Eastern Communications, said that the service of Iskonek would be accessible not only for the Manileños but also to other people who will visit Bonifacio Shrine.

There are CCTV cameras installed around the kiosk to provide security to the park goers, according to Mayor Isko.

And if ever that Iskonek will be successful and effective in Bonifacio Shrine, Mayor Isko plans to build more 50 more Kiosks in the different parts of the city. The residents of Manila are really looking forward to this project to materialize.