How To Save Up 140,000 pesos? Do the “Ipon Challenge”!

For only six months, an OFW in Hong Kong was able to save a whopping 140,000 pesos by means of doing the “ipon challenge”.

Just a few months ago, our kababayan who hails from Iloilo but now working as an OFW in Hong Kong got the netizens go crazy about her achievement. Well, she was able to save 140,000 pesos upon religiously doing the “Ipon Challenge”.

Our kababayan is identified as Jalyn Navio. She’s 39 years old who is an Ilongga and works as an OFW in HK. Jalyn was able to attend a Financial Literacy Seminar of CARD Hong Kong Foundation and was convinced that she should start saving money. She finished Nursing as her course in college and has been secretly working in Hong Kong in 2002 without her parents knowing. She was also married to a seaman, but unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work and had to call it quits.

It was revealed by Jennifer Palomo Debaja on her FB post that Jalyn saved up $21,760 equivalent to 140,000 pesos in 6 months. She is using a plastic bottle that served as her piggy bank, where she kept all of her savings. Her monthly income is HK$ 8,200, equivalent to Php 54,000. As a monthly budget, she sends Php10,000 allotted for her relative’s educational allowance.

Before, Jalyn spends her money buying clothes and other stuff for her. She also goes out with her friends buying them lunch or dinner.

But later on, it dawned to her what will happen when her retirement age comes. She started worrying about her future and became very frugal in spending her hard-earned money. Being happy with the result, Janlyn shared that she will continue doing the “Ipon Challenge” but this time she’ll also save the $50 bills along with the $20 bills.

A lot of people in the social media community were really enticed with her story and wanted to try doing the “Ipon Challenge” as well. Though there are doubters because they said that Jalyn’s salary is quite high for a domestic helper yet there are some who commended her because of her drive to save a large sum of money.

It is really important to allot some of our income as our savings so that we will have something to use in times of dire need.

Source: readersportaltoday