Here’s Kris Aquino’s Fiery Response To A Netizen Who Called Josh and Bimby ‘The Autistics’

The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino is well-known as a vocal person, especially when it comes to expressing her love and care for her children, Josh and Bimby.

Just like any mother, who usually get offended when some people personally or verbally harassed or insulted their kids, the 48-year-old doting mom has fiery response to a netizen who called her sons “The Autistics.”

In Kris Aquino’s recent Instagram post featuring a photo collage of her sons Josh and Bimby. She wrote in the last part of the caption if they already look like her in this photo.

Most of the comments on the photo were positive and light-hearted, but one netizen left a harsh comment saying, “The Autistics.”

Although the comment had already been deleted, Kris replied to the netizen in an educated way before the said comment was removed.

Photo Credit: Kris Aquino | Instagram

“Why my sons? Especially Kuya Josh? Will you also shoot a gun because you want to experiment then tell the world after you have shot an innocent person, ‘Sorry, now I know what it’s like to be a killer?’ You aren’t a fan. You are a despicable coward,” she wrote.

It is known that Kris’ eldest son Josh was diagnosed with autism and was bullied because of his condition. Josh’s father is the veteran actor Philip Salvador.

She went on to say that she had “every right to call you out because you threw the first uncalled for insult” and voiced out that a person like her basher inspires her to run for office to “fight for those without a voice, like special children, parents who cannot afford proper healthcare, and marginalized single parents.”

The Queen of All Media went on to say that she never initiated a fight but when it’s her parents and her two sons were the subject of such harsh comments or insults she will always fight back and protect them at all cost.

Photo Credit: Kris Aquino | Instagram

“I am posting this separately because the arrogant fool may erase his original comment out of cowardice. Never po ako nagsimula ng away pero kilala niyo na ako, ‘wag ang mga magulang ko at ‘wag ang mga anak ko ang bababuyin kung ayaw lumabas ang pangil ko. Simple lang, di ba.”

She added, “Lahat naman kayo alam ko pareho ang saloobin. Kung namatay na ang magulang, ‘wag bastusin ang [alaala] nila. At lahat ng mga magulang kapag anak ang hinamak, lalaban.”

Meanwhile, the netizen who wrote the harsh comment already apologized to her as he/she didn’t realize that the comment would reach this far. The netizen also mentioned that the celebrity mom should stop using his/her “innocent” comment to gain sympathy from the public for her political ambition.

Here’s the netizen’s response to Kris Aquino’s comment: “I didn’t even insult your parents? I already said sorry po. Why don’t you delete my comment? You want more sympathy po? That’s fine with me. Don’t use my innocent comment to gain sympathy for your political ambition po.”