Bus Conductor Climbs Like a Spiderman To Collect Payments from Passengers

Recently, a conductor who made his spiderman moves went viral as he went from end to end of the bus just crawling on the handrails and using the backrest of the seats to traverse. He did this because the bus is filled with people making it impossible for him to efficiently distribute tickets and to collect payments.

Netizens found this very witty, as the conductor “web swing” his way moving around the bus. Indeed, this simply shows that, if there’s a will, there’s a way. The conductor was commended by a lot of the passengers as well as people on social media as he managed to do his job despite the tight situation like this (literaly “tight”).

“Ganito na pla uso ngayon kundoktor ng bus habang naniningil dahil sa dami ng pasahero #spiderman,” said by one of the passengers who shared the photos of the agile conductor.

[This is what’s in today, bus conductor while collecting fare due to the number of passengers #spiderman.]

Instantly, the photos spread on social media, gaining more traction as it was shared through various Facebook accounts with their creative captions on what they have to say regarding the “spiderman bus conductor”.

“Conductor – Man Far From Home,” coined by Bromeo TV, getting it from the movie “Spiderman: Far from Home”.

People from social media were really bewildered with what they saw with regard to the stint of the bus conductor. Some got worried because of one wrong move, and he might slip and fall on some of the passengers. This is very risky considering the fact that the bus is moving, which is very prone to an accident.

But true to Filipino culture, we really love to joke around that’s why some are urging the driver to step on the brakes really hard to test the grip and the ability of the conductor if he can really hold on tight to the handrails.

Some of the netizens really expressed their concern with regard to the safety of the conductor and the passengers on board. Possibility of him getting injured as much as the possibility of other passengers getting hurt is really high. Some also cited that the driver shouldn’t have packed the bus with this number of passengers as this is just a scenario of an accident waiting to happen.

But on a different note, people still applaud the conductor for finding a way to really do his job enable him to fend for his family.

“Real life spiderman. Becoming a hero for the family,” said by one netizen.

What are your comments?

Source: buzzooks