A Quick Look of Joey de Leon’s “Gallery-Like” Home

Known for being a very good comedian and noontime show host in Eat Bulaga, Joey de Leon also enjoys being around with his art collection, a side of him most people don’t know.

Since 1970’s, Filipinos has been watching Joey de Leon both in T.V and local movies hence considered as one of the veterans in local showbiz. Being part of Eat Bulaga, the longest-running daily noontime show in the country, almost every Juan dela Cruz knew him as he gives entertainment and crack jokes that made many Filipinos laugh hard.

Being a joker who throws a punchline every now and then, Joey has another passion. Aside from being a good host and comedian, his love for artworks and paintings is really evident when you enter his house. Durimg his younger years, drawing is a part of him and comes out naturally. Because of this, he took up Architecture at University of the East and later on continued his studies at National University. Part of his collection is a large numberby notable Filipino artists. Works of National Artist for Visual Arts are said to be Joey de Leon’s favorite pieces.

Because of his amicable love for the arts, Joey never stopped painting, sketching and even joined in several exhibits from 1980’s until present. Few pieces of his works were taking inspirations from clown to which exhudes his jolly personality. His home in Pasig which is the abode of all his painting collections really speaks of how Joey de Leon is really inclined to visual arts.


Photo credits: realliving

Built in a classical style, Joey de Leon’s house situated in Pasig showcases wrought iron balustrades and grillework in front. Upon seeing the main door, traditional details are very prominent like the pilaster and pediment installed surrounding it. In the Foyer, there’s a pocket garden complimented by a fountain that really portrays classical design.

Living Room

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In the living room, a couch covered by a white slipcover looks very classy as it was surrounded by colorful paintings, a very complimentary combination. A person who is very creative, Joey also have had exhibits featuring his works as early as 1980s. “Work hard. Travel. Have Fun”, three mantras that the known comedian lives by.

Painting of Clowns

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As mentioned, Ang Kiukok is the favorite painter of Joey de Leon. Hanged on the walls of his house are several artworks depicting clowns and lotus flowers who were all put in life by none other than, National Artist Ang Kiukok. Being conferred as the National Artists for Visual Arts in 2001, he is know for his “figurative expressionism” and seldom voilent interpretation visible in his works. Ang Kiukok expired four years later after being given the highest award in the country.

Dining Area

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Ang Kiukok’s masterpieces were also displayed on the wooden panels found in the dining area. Another interesting pieces put on top of the buffet table is another National Artist’s work, BenCab’s ceramic plates. “Yong paintings, lahat ’yan, gumagalaw yan, nagbabago ng posisyon. Therapy ko ’yong pagpapalit. Enjoy na enjoy ako na nagsu-screw, nagpapako, nagpapalinis ng painting,” Joey said.
[All of the paintings, everything, it moves around, changing positions. Part of my therapy is to change things. I really enjoy when I am the one putting screw, hammering nails, and having the painting cleaned.]

Pool Side

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A pool can also be found in the classical house of Joey De Leon. Located in the extension but under a roof. Eventually, he had a new pool made which was newly dugged up and the old pool location was completely covered. “Naisip ko, walang kuwenta ang pool pag walang araw,” he expounded. Now, it feels that you are in a resort because of the landscaping around the pool area.