30’s is Still Young to Have Kids Says Solenn Heussaff

* Solenn recently celebrated her 34th birthday.
* Many were asking, why she doesn’t have kids yet because she’s already in her 30’s.
* According to her, 30 is still young to nurture a family and to have children.

Solenn is known as one of the “It Girl” of her generation. Many admired her for her beauty, intelligence, and talent, being a versatile actress, plus her glamorous life as a fashion icon and a social media influencer.

Photo credits: solenn | Instagram

However, though it may seem that Solenn already has everything, her life is not really perfect at all. Just recently, many were surprised with regard to her post about her 34th birthday. At her age, they still don’t have kids even Solenn was already married to Nico Bolzico, a model, businessman and also a social media personality.

Photo credits: solenn | Instagram

Because of the criticisms, Solenn answered the questions of her followers in social media asking why she still doesn’t have any kids and telling her that she’s not getting any younger. According to the actress, she is still young and it should not be considered “late” if people still don’t have children at the age of 30.

According to an article, being in the ’30s is still young because it is at that point in life where a woman’s career starts to blossom and that women shouldn’t be pressured by the society especially if she is not yet ready to conceive a child.

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“People are just really starting their career at this age,” Solenn clarifies who is currently busy in her many shows in GMA Network and GMA News TV.

Solenn also does not believe that being at the age of 20s, it’s the right age to marry someone and to build a family because it is only at those moments that you should properly prepare yourself to have a child along with the responsibilities that it entails.

Photo credits: solenn | Instagram

“Kaya [That’s why] I didn’t just rush it. I also enjoyed my wedding, I enjoyed being with my husband at home. I enjoyed being on my own without him, traveling with my friends,” she added.

But Solenn doesn’t deny the fact that she’s ready to have a baby anytime soon if they will be blessed with a child then so ve it. She will just go with the flow and wait for the time when she could bear a child after 3 years of being married to Nico Bolzico.

Many netizens were impressed with Solenn’s revelation and agreed that one person should be mature enough before having children so that he or she can really embrace fully the responsibility of being a parent.

source: definitelyfilipino