300,000 US Dollars and Full scholarship in American University, coveted by a Farmer’s Son

Every cloud has a silver lining, clichè as it may sound but truly, a farmer’s son who hails from Capiz had his hopes high after coveting a full scholarship in a university in the US. He also won 300k along with the scholarship.

There is still a lot that is in store for Aldrean Alogon to learn in terms of knowledge about the world and science. He spent most of his time in the farm and also at the principal’s office of Sigma Elementary School in Capiz because his mom was the principal, truly, Aldrean’s interest was aroused to seek for more learning experiences.

Hitting two birds with one stone, while he was playing with his friends at the farms, he’s also gaining knowledge about agriculture and practical science. He even enjoys the twinkling of the stars at night while lying down on the fields at their farm.

Aldrean do not waste every learning opportunity that comes his way. He even read books during his spare time in school instead of just playing around with his classmates. He usually spends his time reading the donated encyclopedias and other reading materials that can be found insider the office of his mom. That’s why it molded him to a person, making science and nature as his first love.

Being the class valedictorian when he graduated during his elementary education, without a doubt that he got in one of most prestigious highschool institutions in Iloilo, which is Philippine Science Highschool Western Visayas. Although it’s two hours away from his residence.

During his senior year, he ran for a position in their student government, winning the hearts of his schoolmates with his speech “I am a farmboy”. He won the election by making sure that he is true to himself, always looking back from where he came from. Being a hardworking student and equipped with enough knowledge, Aldrean competed in many provincial quiz bees representing his school. He also represented their region during the Nationals and was even sent abroad to compete internationally representing our country.

To name a few of the competitions he joined, Aldren and his comrades competed at the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics last 2016 in India and also made it to Thailand in 2017 carrying the Philippine banner. Unfortunately, they lost in the competition, but they’ve won through gaining experience that molded him to what he is today.

Aldren aimed higher by applying to the well-known Freeman Asian Scholarship at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, for his college studies. Being prestigious as it is, they are only selecting 11 students to accept for the scholarship they are offering annually. Equipped with experience and a little bit of luck, Aldrean was able to make it to the cut and was also given a full tuition fee scholarship as well as 300,000 US dollars financial aid for his schooling.

Kudos to you Aldrean!

Source: rachfeed