Check Out This Colorful and Majestic Tree Found in the Philippines

Did you know that we have this kind of beautiful tree in the Philippines?

Covered within the prolific forests in the Philippines, you can find trees that are very alluring that upon seeing it, it would tickle your imagination and will make you think that enchanted creatures inhabit in those trees.

These are called the Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees. When these trees shed its bark, it displays a wide array of colors similar to a rainbow, showcasing its mesmerizing technicolor patterns.
Upon the first peeling off the bark, a very vivid color green layer underneath is unveiled.

Everytime the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree bark is peeled, from Pale green, it changes its color into various shades ranging from the Pale shades of blue, bright orange, deep purple, and captivating maroon. This changing of colors happens every year at a different intervening time.

Originally found in Mindanao, Philippines, the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree is scientifically called Eucalyptus deglupta. Though it’s considered as the only eucalyptus tree locally found in the northern hemisphere, it is currently being nurtured and cultured in these countries like Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida. It can also be found in the southern hemisphere particularly in New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, and Sulawesi.

This particular tree can get taller up to 250 feet tall with 6 feet in diameter. The most salient feature of this tree is its distinctly radiant colored patterns. Some studies have shown that rainbow eucalyptus trees that did not grow in a tropical condition are not that very tall and the colors that they have are more muted.

Although, it is really enticing to grow such a very vibrant tree in your garden. There’s a warning that the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree is very harmful to humans and it is prohibited to grow them outside their usual habitat.

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Source: elitereaders