Teacher Goes Viral For Using Mosquito Net Inside The Classroom To Protect Students From Dengue

With the rainy season approaching, many Asian countries started to experience unusually high numbers of dengue cases. For a country like Thailand, there is no definite season that they can call as the peak dengue period since they are present all year round.

However, dengue-carrying mosquitoes or female mosquitoes mainly of the species Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus seem to increase likely when the rainy season starts because of the remaining puddles of water and other standing water, in which the female mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Dengue virus is one of the fastest-spreading mosquito-borne diseases that can cause serious danger to possible victims, that’s why many people were looking for effective ways to prevent getting infected by this virus or other mosquito-related diseases.

Majority of dengue patients are school children, mainly because children spend more time in public places during the active hours of dengue mosquito. Large buildings like school is one of the places where dengue mosquitoes like to live and breed.

With that, this teacher from Thailand has come up with a unique idea on how to prevent dengue outbreak in her class, she put up a mosquito net to protect students inside the classroom.

In a Facebook post shared by RMN Iloilo last July 5, the page uploaded photos of a female teacher standing in front of the class, while her students sitting in their chairs were fully covered with a pink mosquito net. She also placed a big electric fan inside the net, so that they can still feel comfortable during the whole class.

Many netizens praised the teacher for such a great idea and genuine concern shown to her students just to protect them from this possible life-threatening disease. Some also commended her for being very resourceful and a dedicated teacher who prioritized her students well being and health.

While this unique idea of this concerned teacher can help prevent the spread of dengue inside the classroom, we should still pay more attention to the cleanliness of our surroundings, public places, and other premises if we really want to prevent and eliminate mosquito-related diseases.

After all, we should act accountably in this regard rather than being the one responsible.

source: trendszilla