Prankster on the loose: Grab Food Driver Loses 2,250 Php After a Frank Booking

It is incomplete dismay that Grab Philippines expresses their frustrations with regard to the instances of customers canceling as well as not claiming their orders after it’s already been placed.

Grab Philippines said that although they have reimbursement policies for situations like these, that is, full reimbursement to the partners for all the orders that were unclaimed, yet there are still repercussions in terms of the driver’s grab points. The drivers will lose the points as well as the time and effort they already exerted, and also their daily capital every time a customer cancels their order.

Recently, netizens are enraged of an incident where a customer ordered a couple of milk teas worth of 2,250 Pesos and then suddenly canceled the order. It got viral and the Grab driver is getting a lot of sympathy in social media.

At first, the grab driver is already skeptical about this certain booking because of the emergence of rampant “fake bookings” circulating over the news. But being true to his job, he still went to “grab” the milk teas just to fulfill what the customer asked for.

But all his efforts were put in vain when he found out that the transaction is just a hoax right after he already arrived at the pinned delivery address. And what’s even worse is that he’s on the receiving end of a prank.

When the driver knew that he was tricked, he messaged the customer in a peaceful manner,

“Salamat po, nawalan po ako ng pambili ng gatas ng anak ko.”

[Thank you, but now I have nothing to buy milk for my child.]

The original post was already removed as of this writing. There have been reports saying that the family of the prankster, who is still a minor, as well as the Grab driver have already made amends and settled the problem already.

But an apprehensive netizen reposted the conversation between the grab driver and the prankster on FB and gave his comments regarding what happened.

As per Junize San Diego, these prankster may have copied the known bloggers who did the same thing. Though they have said and warned their followers not to mimic what they did, still, youngsters find it exciting if they will be able to pull off the same prank successfully.

Let us all be reminded that we should always be considerate to this kind of service, pampering and leaving us comfortable inside our houses while they get us our food to gratify our cravings.

Do you have any comments? What do you think is the best solution to get rid of these “fake bookings”?