Pokwang Apologizes And Explained The Reason Why She Can’t Help Financially All Those Who Message Her

Marietta Subong or better known by her stage name Pokwang recently took to social media and apologized for not being able to help all those people who asked her for financial assistance.

The actress-comedian said that she has responsibilities and people relying on her for help, however, she assured all who sent her messages that she’s praying for them to Saint Padre Pio, which is the best assistance that she can do for now.

In a recent Instagram post of Pokwang, she apologized to the people who need financial assistance for medical purposes that she can’t always assure that she can extend help to all of them.

She wrote, “Sa mga nag d-direct message sa akin at humihingi ng tulong pinansyal para maipagamot ang kanilang mga mahal sa buhay na may sakit, sorry po.”

She went on to explain that although she wants to help all of them, she is also supporting other people and has her own responsibilities such as paying for her staff’s salaries.

“Patawad hindi po lahat kayo ay kaya kong maambunan ng tulong pinansyal. Gustuhin ko man po talaga pero marami din po akong tinutulungan at pinapasahod na tao ko po.

“Kung kasing yaman lang sana ako ng ilan kong mga kaibigan agad agad po at hindi ko kayo bibiguin,” she added.

The said Instagram post includes a photo of Saint Padre Pio, as the celebrity mom of two revealed that she prays to the saint for everyone asking her for help.

“Yun lamang po ang kaya kong ibigay, sorry po,”

Pokwang included in the last part of her post.

Many netizens lauded the celebrity mom for showing her genuine concern to these people, with some who were also asking her to include them in her prayers.

Photo credits: itspokwang27 | Instagram

Meanwhile, one netizen wrote,

“At least si Pokwang, honest siya. Yung iba, dedma lang.”

In the comment section of the post, Pokwang replied to one netizen that she understands the sentiments and difficulties of being in grave need because she also experienced falling in line to charity and government institutions to ask for help for her late son, Shin.

She then said,

“Haay hirap talaga.”

Before she entered showbiz, Pokwang used to work in Abu Dhabi as a migrant worker. At the time, she lost her first child, Shin at the very young age of five due to brain cancer.