Newlyweds Become Internet Sensation After Photos Riding a Carabao-Drawn Carriage Go Viral

In these modern times, it is just usual that couples who are getting married opt for a contemporary and latest car as their mode of transportation going to the church, wedding reception, and their hotel. But a couple in Iloilo City had the internet community amazed with the selection of their wedding vehicle. Yes, they rode a carriage drawn by a carabao, for a change.

The photos can be found in the post of Mitchell Artworks showing the newlywed riding a makeshift carriage embellished by flowers in shades of white and pink. They also put a white cloth on the roof that served as a canopy. But the show stopper is the carabao who graciously pulled the carriage and really presented itself as part of the entourage.

Hailed as the National Animal of the Philippines, it is less likely an option to use a carabao as a mode of transportation especially going to a wedding. But due to its creativity and peculiarity, netizens go gaga over this thought and it got viral.

It was really an eye candy and very impressive how this humble couple chose to ride a carabao-drawn carriage despite the fact that it can be easily assumed that the couple has enough means to use a luxurious car instead since the groom is Danish.

The simplicity of using a carabao-drawn carriage as their wedding transportation made it more extraordinary. Hence, it went viral because it’s really unusual and very witty. The couple would never be acknowledged in social media if they just used a car. And recently, people are really into what’s organic and what’s Filipino that’s why this gesture for recognized.

The wedding took place last July 13 ar Cubay Evangelical Church in Bingawan, Iloilo. The bride was identified as Amfe Jane Gallaza an Ilongga and the Danish groom is Martin Poulsen.

A quick guide in selecting an unusual wedding vehicle:

Do you want your wedding to be one of a kind and that, people will always remember that you had a wonderful wedding? One way is by not just using a car as your wedding vehicle. There are other creative ways and by doing so, your wedding will not be just another wedding. Here are some of the suggestions:

  • Carriage drawn by an animal (usually a horse but could also be a carabao, just like the example above)
  • Vintage cars
  • Jeepney
  • Pickup truck
  • Golf cart
  • Helicopter
  • Any vehicle that is popular and can only be found in your area (e.g. Tuktuk)