Newly Opened Public Market In Bataan That Looks Like A Mall Impressed The Netizens

When we talked about public markets here in the Philippines, the first thing that entered our mind is a wet market which is most of the time regarded as a dirty and stinky place.

Despite the foul and unpleasant environment in public markets, many would still choose to buy products here like fresh meats, vegetables, fish and other food supplies e as they offer lower prices here compared to products in the supermarket.

Some buyers also consider the fact that you can also ask some of the sellers for a discount or through price haggling.

But this public market in Bataan recently caught the attention of the netizens for looking like a mall. With its beautifully crafted ceilings, lovely lighting fixtures, and tiled counters, one might think that this place is actually a supermarket inside a popular mall.

In a recent post on Facebook by a netizen named Mark Anthony Muico Millare. He shared some photos taken at Limay Public Market in Limay, Bataan.

As seen in the photos, the stalls are set apart from each other to ensure that the stalls provide ample space for the vendors to display their goods and to avoid crowded buyers.

Each of the stalls was completed with white tiles, individual lights, and amenities like faucets to keep their area clean and attract many buyers.

Mark Anthony even joked in his post that this was Limay Public Market (Mall).

Meanwhile, the netizens could not help but agree with him and feel impressed by the beauty of this public market.

This impressive public market was only opened last June 26. According to him, the place where it was built was previously occupied by a tennis court located just beside the old public market.

Mark Anthony clarified in the comment section that the old market will still be used as the wet market, while this newly opened market will be designated for the dry goods. He also added that the second floor of this place will be utilized as a canteen for diners just like the food courts in malls, to complete its mall-like appeal.

source: rachfeed