Megastar Sharon Cuneta Proudly Flaunts Her Slimmer Figure On Instagram

The Megastar and devoted mom of four, Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan recently wowed the netizens after sharing photos of her stunning transformation on her social media account.

Sharon has been struggling with managing her weight and received a lot of criticism from the public for quite some time, but this did not stop her from doing everything to lose the excess pounds. That’s why when the Megastar once again became a contract star of ABS-CBN, she used it as her motivation to get back in shape as she prepares for her upcoming projects.

Now she is proudly showing off a slimmer figure, the 53-year-old celebrity mom shared a photo of her transformation in an Instagram account last July 7.

Photo credits: reallysharoncuneta | Instagram

Sharon uploaded a before-and-after photo that was taken 6 years apart, the photo shows how much weight the actress has lost since then.

“Dream. Pray. Believe. Achieve. Dreams come true,” she captioned the post with two photos from 2013 and 2019.

Many netizens can’t help but commend the weight she has achieved and even ask her to teach them to lose weight too.

In a previous interview with ABS-CBN’s morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” in 2016, the veteran actress said that the key to losing weight is believing in yourself that you really can do it. Sharon was able to shed off 66 pounds at the time and explained that one of the reasons she has to lose weight is for her upcoming movie.

Her fans and followers also expressed their admiration for her drive to lose weight not only to look good but also to be healthier for the sake of her family.

In a photo she shared on Instagram in 2018, Sharon said that the purpose of weight loss journey is not only because she wants to look slim on her projects, but it’s also her way to have a healthy body and live longer.

Photo credits: reallysharoncuneta | Instagram

“I want to live a long, healthy life for and with my children and future grandchildren. And for my fans-because I knew I kept failing whenever I tried to lose weight and get back to fighting form, ” she wrote.

She also dedicated her success to her supporters, the “Sharonians,” who have never left her since she practically started in the industry.

source: definitelyfilipino