Meet Mayor Isko Moreno’s Equally Handsome Son, Joaquin Domagoso

Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso, is the 44-year-old actor-turned-politician who is now the Honourable Mayor of the City of Manila.

Looking back on his successful acting career, Isko Moreno started as a matinee idol and later became known for his mature roles in the “Titillating Films” genre that was prevalent in the country during the 1990s. Isko was also part of the late German Moreno’s That’s Entertainment, which is a daily variety show featuring the latter’s stable of young aspiring actors.

Aside from his acting stint, the actor-turned-politician also has a beautiful family to be proud of, Isko has been married to Diana Lynn Ditan for nearly two decades now, and they were blessed to have five lovely children, Vincent Patrick, Frances Diane, Joaquin Andre, Franco Dylan, and Drake Marcus.

But among the former actor’s five children, only one has shown eagerness to become an actor, Isko’s third child, Joaquin Andre Domagoso.

Joaquin was born on October 2001, he recently finished senior high school at Southville International School and Colleges, where he was proclaimed as “Mr. Teen SGEN” last year.

He is now building his career as a new actor, with the help of Daddie Wowie Roxas who was the former manager of his father, Isko Moreno.

By looking at his photos on social media, there’s no doubt that this teen heartthrob inherits his good looks from his parents’ genes.

Like any other parents, Isko Moreno and his wife Diana wanted their son to achieve his dreams, but at the same time, finish his studies. That’s why, although they allowed him to enter showbiz as long as he will never neglect his studies and maintain his good grades.

The 17-year-old mestizo recently appeared in ‘Studio 7’ and performed with Mavy Legaspi. He also tried doing a dramatic role in an episode of “Maynila” last July 13, “My Unwanted Son.”

Isko Moreno's son demonstrates his acting skills | TWBA