Mayor Isko Signed Ordinance Granting P500 Financial Assistance for Senior Citizens, Students, PWD’s and Solo Parents

Mayor Isko has signed and implemented his promise to create an ordinance that will entitle all the Grade 12 students a P 500 monthly allowance in all public schools in Manila. Also included in the ordinance is that, it will also give monthly financial assistance to Senior Citizens, PWDs and Solo Parents worth P 500 pesos as well.

Already Signed!

Last July 25, 2019, the implementation of the financial aid to the students and selected local residents of Manila was already signed. Grade 12 students will already enjoy their benefits of a P 500 pesos monthly allowance that will surely augment their budget for their educational expenses. While the additional allocation for the Senior Citizens, PWDs and Solo parents is indeed a big help as additional budget for their medication and other needs.

Social Amelioration Program

He expressed his happiness with regard to the expedited law implementation of the social amelioration program. In a span of three weeks, it was already passed under the governance of the City Vice Mayor Honey Lacuña. Mayor Isko is really grateful to the Manileños, for electing a very supportive Vice Mayor. To formally present the ordinance, Mayor Isko explained what is the newly implemented law all about.

Mayor Isko’s Promise

During the campaign period, running for Mayoral candidacy Isko Moreno promised that if ever that he will sit as the mayor of Manila, he will pass an ordinance giving Senior Citizens an allowance to help them. But when Mayor Isko found out that there are many Solo Parents who is also making ends meet, he also included them in the list.

But it didn’t stop there, Mayor Isko eventually added the PWDs which he also said, that these people needed a subsidy from the local government of Manila.

Opportunity for the Senior Citizens and PWDs

1 Billion peso was alloted by the Manila government to fund this program. In addition to that, they also partnered with the fast-food chains to employ PWDs and Senior Citizens who wants to work and earn for a living.

Netizens and many Manileños are indeed very thankful for another remarkable accomplishment of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. They said that, Mayor Isko is true to his word and he’s not giving empty promises when it comes to Manila.