Married with his Best Friend at 64, Kuya Bodjie Proves that Getting Married is Possible Regardless of Age

* Kuya Bodjie of Batibot just got married at the age of 64 and still doesn’t have any children
* Being identified with “Batibot” kind of frustrate him
* A new compelling movie entitled “Pan de Salawal” starring kuya Bodjie will be in the mainstream cinemas.

For the millenials and baby boomers, who would’ve forget Kuya Bodjie? A mainstay of a kid’s TV show called “Batibot”, which he is known for how he tells a story in an enticing manner. At present, he is now creating an interesting story of his own.

Now at 64, he’s a living example that when you love someone, it will never be too late to marry the person and age indeed doesn’t really matter. Kuya Bodjie happily talked about his relationship and he let us in his private life.

“Wala pa akong anak. Meron akong asawa. Kakakasal ko lang, would you believe? Nung January.” As what he told Push.

[I don’t have any offsprings. I have a wife.But I just recently got married, would you believe? It was just only last January.

“I got married to my best friend and we’ve been friends since 1980s tapos naging on and off yung relationship namin. Then eventually we lived together and decided to get married,” Kuya Bodjie added.

Kuya Bodjie will always be remembered as Batibot’s Kuya Bodjie who is loved by many. It is near to impossible not to associate him with the show. But truth be told, seldom times he just wished that people would disassociate him with Batibot because it frustrates him.

Maybe you are wondering why associating him with Batibot irates him, well it’s because people will call him Kuya Bodjie everytime even in different sets and production he’s involved in. But eventually, he realized that he will always be forever associated with the character. So he just accepted the fact and learned to make a positive outlook about it.

Currently, a film which he is a part of entitled “Pan de Salawal” was shown in the mainstream cinemas. A very compelling movie which is a tear jerker, which talks about the camaraderie between a 7-year old girl who lives on the streets and a baker who is severely ill.

“Basta, nakakabagbag ng damdamin”,

Kuya Bodjie said as he was describing the movie. He is fervently hoping that the Filipino movie goers will be moved and be touched by the movie.

“Palagay ko kailangan ito mapanuod dahil maganda yung kuwento and it’s a very human story na maraming Pinoy ang matutuwa,” he said.

[“I think they need to watch this film because the storyline is really beautiful and also it’s a very human story that will make many Filipinos happy,” he said.]

In 2018, Pan de Salawal is an entry on Cinemalaya but on July 24, 2019 it was shown in the mainstream cinemas.

PAN DE SALAWAL (Cinemalaya 2018) Official Full Trailer | Bodjie Pascua, Anna Luna, Felix Roco