Luxury Stone Supplier Shares Disappointment Over The Renovation Of Manny Pacquiao’s 1 Billion peso Forbes Park Mansion

Recently on Instagram, the wife of the Pinoy boxing champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao, Jinkee Pacquiao shared a post about the on-going renovation of their mansion in Forbes Park.

Jinkee uploaded a photo displaying some changes in the pool area such as the new pillars behind her.

“Almost finish…God is good! #renovationongoing.” she wrote.

Photo credits: jinkeepacquiao | Instagram

Way back in August 2018, the mansion’s pool area looked like this.

Photo credits: publishingtrial

In January 2018, the Pacquiaos’ Forbes Park mansion was featured in YES! Magazine. Manny and Jinkee bought this 1,526-square-meter property originally filled with natural stones for PHP 388 million sometime in 2011 from its previous owner, Lorenzo Tan, the former president of RCBC bank.

The mansion was initially designed by the man behind People’s Palace, Two Roxas Triangle — the famous interior designer, Anton R. Mendoza, while Budji+Royal Architecture and Design was in charge of the interiors.

In the middle of the ongoing renovation, David Kaufman, owner of top-notch home furnishing supplier and architectural supplier of Kaufman Stone expressed his disappointment over the Pacquiaos’ choice of materials for their Forbes Park mansion.

In a Facebook post last July 9, David Kaufman, the man behind Kaufman Stone shared his opinion on Manny and Jinkee’s plan to change the natural stone to porcelain tiles.

He wrote, “Can I share something shocking. Jinky and Sen Manny Pacquiao are currently renovating their 1 Billion peso Forbes Park house designed by Anton R. Mendoza, then Budji + Royal fitted with thousands of square meters of first-class beautiful Kaufman CCP travertine, Onyx, and the best African granite.

“This was all purchased abiut [about] 5 years ago by RCBC former president Lorenzo Tan a man of discerning taste. The couple has presently demolished all the natural stone and are planning to change it all to porcelain tiles.

“Please explain what is going through their minds. Imagine tiling with fake stone the facade of the CCP by Leandro Locsin [Filipino architect]. What a loss.”

Photo credits: jinkeepacquiao | Instagram

Though the businessman refused to dig deeper into the matter as he stressed out that it is the couple’s money, he also pointed out that the worth of this porcelain tiles will not even match the level of her 15 million luxurious bag.

“Sorry, national disaster! I will not go deeper into this matter as its their money.

“If they want fake ceramic stone, be my guest. All I can say is her 15 million pesos Himalayan Birkin will not go with this tiled house,” he archly added, “Hasnt she learned from her time spent in Chanel, Hermes etc. They dont use tiles. Its not going to be of the same level as her 15m bag.

“Hello, for a few thousand pesos we could have repolished it,” he added.

He further said,

“I’m sorry but based on my dealing with them many years ago regarding another real estate matter (not construction-related but in the purchase of a house).

“A high-level hanger-on of the Pacquiaos, who is banished now, was less than honest, some of those people in the past would misadvise them and try to milk them out of their money.

“The Ccp travertine should have lasted a minimum of 50 years. This is the first time travertine has ever been demolished in my 23 year career. First!!!!! Its like demolishing solid wide nara [narra] planks.”

According to, Travertine is a natural stone deposited by geothermally heated hot springs, it is a type of limestone that is found around mineral spring deposits.

Kaufmann continued, “Sorry, I can think of unkind adjectives to describe this situation and it starts with S. They are so insulated by their circle, no one can penetrate with balanced advice. Whoever is their flavor of the month and gives bad advice gets followed.”

He also said, “They should have called Budji or Anton. I hope I’m wrong, maybe the tile seller is a friend of the Pacquiao new found friend I will leave it to your imagination.”

“Ps. That wall behind Jinky is not luxurious wood anymore, it now cement board like that chain restaurant you see around town. Initial J,” Kaufmann ended his post.