Look: Amazing Transformation of Lagusnilad Beautification After the Clearing Operation

Newly elected Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has been making waves in local news and social media because of the on-going clearing operations throughout Manila. Two days ago, Lagusnilad has had its fair share of beautification and Mayor Isko is eyeing to restore it and use the paint colors from before.


Lagusnilad passers-by are very much pleased with the changes that took place and they’ve said that it is Mayor Isko’s way of giving back to the community.

Photos showing the actual cleaning and restoration of Lagusnilad has gained tremendous commendation online. For a very long time, Lagusnilad was considered as a shelter to many small stall vendors who catered to the needs of the commuters and passers-by.

It was even coined as a “mini-Divi” because there are too many informal vendors who made the underpass as the venue in selling their products. At present, you can hardly recognize the filthy and foul-smelling underpass because it was tidied up and beautification is still on-going.

A lot of online users were really happy and implied their continuous support to Mayor Isko Moreno on his plans to revive Manila and to sustain its progress.

Amidst the positive feedback that Mayor Isko has gained due to the clearing operations in the City of Manila, there are still a group of people accusing Mayor Isko as an “anti-poor”.

But despite all the issues being thrown at him, Mayor Isko has remained adamant to his goals and that is, to bring back Manila to its glorious days.

During an interview, Mayor Isko gave his word and assured that all the vendors who were affected by the clearing operations will be given a proper place where they can continue to sell and make a living. He said that he will always prioritize the needs of the Manileños and together they can continue to uplift Manila and make it a better City.

Many online users expressed their gratitude to Mayor Isko, especially the Manileños because he is so pro-active attending to the needs of his constituents. They had high hopes that Mayor Isko Moreno will continue to be hard-working and unshakeable towards the betterment of Manila.

Now that Lagusnilad underpass was already cleaned up, passers-by were hoping that security measures and safety should be considered especially during night time. Well indeed, “Change Iskoming”.