Father Carries His Child Inside a Plastic Bag while Crossing The River Just to go to School

One of the most important things in life is to learn and have a formal education. Although everyone has the right to education, there are far-flung areas where educational opportunities are quite very low.

In Vietnam, there’s a village called Huoi Ha Village where believe it or not, to get to their school, children enter a big plastic bag in order for them to swim across Nam Chim Stream.

At times of the dry season, a temporary bamboo bridge is being used by the children for them to cross the other end of the stream. But when the rainy season comes, that’s the time that they have to ride rafts or worse, use a big plastic bag as a way to cross the stream.

“We have warned local residents of latent risks to travel through the stream by plastic bags, but the swift-flowing water can also sweep rafts away, so they have to choose this way. Earlier, a local person was injured in a capsized raft here.” As per Vang A Po, the chairman of Na Sang Commune.

The Chairman of Muong Cha District, Nguyen Minh Phu stated that using plastic bags as a way to cross the stream is not their usual way. It is their last resort when they have no choice because the water level of the stream is very high and if it’s not advisable to cross using the bamboo bridge.

The struggles of the children upon going to school doesn’t stop there, cause apparently, they also need to traverse a five-hour walk; passing through the terrains that are muddy and uneven before setting foot in their school. To be practical, the students spend their whole week staying in school and they just go home during the weekend.

This has been a pressing concern within the community and solutions had been laid out (e.g building bridges). But the perennial problem is where to get fundings. In order to construct the bridge, it will need roughly VND 6 Billion (roughly USD 272,727).

Although, transporting the construction materials will be a hard task because it’ll have to pass along a 12 kilometer tapered and slippery road. The Muong Cha District desires to obtain funds from the government upon building the bridge.

It will be best if the project will come to its fruition soon so that these children will no longer worry about going to school with their lives in danger and just enjoy being a student, learning different things in school just like how the children learn in any other countries.

Source: trendszilla