Eugene Domingo Shares Her 3 Happy Years of Relationship With Italian Boyfriend

Eugene Domingo finally talked about her relationship with Italian boyfriend, Danilo Bottoni.

The 47-year-old comedienne and host, who is known for capturing audiences through her offbeat yet comical characters recently shared that she’s happily in love for almost three years now.

According to a report by Philippine Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), Eugene Domingo shared a sneak peek of her relationship status during a press conference of Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank.

The comedienne and host said that they are happy to be on a smooth sailing relationship and they are not rushing things.

“Ang saya, ang sarap at tsaka tamang-tama lang. Hindi naman kami ‘yung masyadong nagmamadali sa lahat ng bagay, sakto lang,” she said.

When asked if there will be wedding bells soon, Eugene replied, “We are almost there. It’s like he is my life.”

She was also asked if she’s going to say yes if her boyfriend, Danilo pops the question, to which the comedienne and host answered in jest,

“Agad-agad. Nasa tamang edad na po ako para magpakasal.” Eugene asked jokingly, “Ano pa bang iniingatan n’yo sa akin?”

The comedienne-actress admits that just like any other couple they also encounter challenges, but with the help of today’s technology they were able to keep their 3 years long distance relationship strong.

“Sa panahon ngayon na meron kang iba’t ibang application where you can communicate, ‘di na problema ‘yung long distance relationship tapos ipon-ipon lang, promo-promo ng pamasahe makakarating kayo don,” Eugene said.

While the couple is currently in a long distance relationship, Eugene said that despite having a successful showbiz career here in the country, she would be willing to transfer to Italy if her boyfriend asked her to settle down there.

“Of course, but I am not saying that I am going to retire as an actress because an actor never retires kasi hindi naman ‘yan parang trabahong parang pag-60 years old ka na pension na. Alam n’yo naman na you can act kahit hanggang 100. But if it will call for more time to be spending in Italy then yes,” she added.

source: virtualpinoy