Check Out Team Kramer’s Bigger Room For “Kasambahay” In Their New Mansion

Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia together with their three children, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin finally moved into their new home last month.

The celebrity couple’s beautiful mansion took more than 2 years before it was finally completed. A lot of preparations were done, and Doug and Cheska had been sharing updates of the construction of their four-level house on their respective social media accounts, especially Doug who had been hands-on with the construction since it began 2 years ago.

But as they cherish this ultimate blessing, Doug did not forget their four longtime kasambahay and they also have a pleasant surprise for them. The celebrity couple allocated a bigger space for their helpers in their new mansion.

Photo credits: chekakramer | Instagram

On her Instagram account, Cheska shared a video last Saturday, July 20, showing the area where their four lucky kasambahay stays.

If in their previous house, the family’s 4 helpers only shared 1 room, they now have their own rooms plus a common room where they can eat sit back and relax.

Photo credits: chekakramer | Instagram

Doug can be heard in the video saying. “Hindi lang yung sarili namin inisip namin sa house na ‘to.

“We had one maids’ quarters, I wouldn’t even say maid, mga kasambahay…”

Cheska interjected,

“Our helpers.”

Doug continued,

“Our helpers only have one room in the previous house.”

The celebrity mom added,

“Siksikan sila.”

The celebrity couple gave a quick tour inside their helper’s quarters. It can be seen in the video that it has four bedrooms plus a common room, which the mom of three called a “lounge area,”

As they entered the said area, Doug can be heard saying, “Sosyal.” While Cheska then added that they wanted to make sure that their helpers will have this place, where they can eat and watch their favorite TV show as they also provided them with their own cable.

Prior to this four-level mansion, Team Kramer used to live in a spacious modern contemporary three-story home.