Boyfriend Travels 2,400 km Just to Surprise Girlfriend, But Finds in Another Man’s Arms

A lot of people would do anything for love – and for one guy in China, that meant traveling 2,400 km to surprise his girlfriend.

People will do crazy things, all for the glory of love. A guy from China is a living testament to this as he was planning to surprise his girlfriend even if it takes him to travel 2,400 km.

The reason behind is uncertain why the guy traveled that far to see his girlfriend. But there were hunches from the netizens that the girl is celebrating her birthday that’s why the guy went there just to spend time with her. To add spice to the surprise, he even dressed up as a teddy bear to make the event even more romantic.

But to his dismay, the guy who is still yet to be identified as the one who got surprised after he saw his girlfriend enfolded in some other guy’s arms. He was dumbfounded, looking foolish with his teddy bear costume as he witnesses the love of his life had quite a romantic moment with someone else.

It cannot be denied that they are just more than friends as actions speak louder than words. Upon sensing that someone is watching them, the girl suddenly turned around and to her amazement, she saw her boyfriend standing inches away from her looking appalled.

At that very moment, the boyfriend who traveled miles away from his home had his head costume already removed revealing his face and his girlfriend obviously recognized him.

She suddenly motioned away from the other guy and hurriedly ran towards the guy wearing the costume. 

She tried to embrace him but her boyfriend put on his head costume and being hurt that he is, he instantly walked away.

Guilt may have eaten the girl as she continues to chase her boyfriend. The guy seemed that he already wanted to call it quits and just wanted to end their relationship. Up to date, it is quite unsure if they were able to patch things up or whether the other guy knew about the other boyfriend and will still give the girl and their relationship another chance in case the other boyfriend really ended his relationship with his girlfriend.

A long-distance relationship is often hard to maintain but what is important is that both parties agree to keep the love alive. Communication is key to making this happen. Always make time for each other – and do your best not to succumb to the many temptations along the way.

It is really hard to maintain a long-distance relationship. It really entails that the two people involved shares the same commitment in keeping the relationship to stay ever strong and to be loyal to each other. Having constant communication will surely make their hearts not go wander. It is advisable to always make time for each other and the constant effort to not give in to temptations.