A glimpse of Wil Tower Penthouse of Willie Revillame

Who doesn’t know Kuya Wil? Willie Revilame, one of the celebrities who’s been loved by the public yet, also been scrutinized because of the many controversies that he was involved in. Truly, his career has its highs and lows which made more compelling and exciting.

Being able to be part of the three premier TV networks in the country -Wowowee in ABS-CBN (2005-2010); Wowowillie in TV5 (January-October 2013)); and Wowowin in GMA 7 (May 2015 – present) – which all became a hit and being supported by Willie Revillame’s fans and the fans of the show itself.

Willie used to be a barker for jeepneys and later on became a seasoned drummer. Before, he basically lived a hand to mouth existence, but he worked really hard and was able to to catapult himself as one of the richest talent in showbiz. Now a TV host-producer, he’s living the life, the life that you thought you can only watch in telenovelas and movies.

He’s been very transparent with his extravagant lifestyle and he’s not sorry about it. He said that it’s one way of enjoying the fruits of his labor with a clear conscience, knowing that he didn’t earn it the way corrupt politicians siphons government funds for their personal benefits.

A man with foresight, Willie invested his hard earned money buying prime properties when he was still in ABS CBN where he mostly got his fortune. Upon the purchase of the said properties, he already had a clear vision on how he wanted to utilize it.

The prime properties that we are talking about are the three parcels of land located in Quezon City, specifically found in front of the ABS CBN compound. It was said that Freddie Garcia, his fromer boss in ABS CBN, owned one of the parcel of land Willie purchased. He acquired the land for the price of 47 million pesos in 2008. In the following years, he was also able to purchase the other two parcels of land for the same amount he previously paid for the first parcel which is 47 million Pesos (for each parcel).

Approximately 5,000 square meters is the total measurement of the combined three lots where Wil Tower is located. Willie made a partnership with ex-senator Manny Villar, who is also a property developer and together, they built a commercial-residential tower. Senator Manny is an avid supporter of Revillame’s show which in return, Willie also backed him up during his 2010 presidential race but unfortunately lost his bid.

One of the agreements between Senator Villar’s Vista Land and Willie is that, Revillame will get the top three floors of tower one. He also stipulated that he’ll be getting the proposed twin tower’s commercial area.

In 2013, the construction of Tower One was finished and afterwards, Willie channeled his momentum in building a four-story commercial space which is now called Wil Tower Mall. It is now where he holds his office and also where he opened two of his businesses, W Bar and Wil Steak Town Restaurant respectively.

Kenneth Cobonpue, an internationally recognized industrial designer, was the one who did the furnishings of the Wil Tower Mall. It officially opened last September 15, 2013. But after two years, the Villars took over with the operations of the mall when they bought it back from Willie as he said that, running a mall is not his core competence. Revillame ventured into improving the top three floors that he owns where it is said that a helipad can be found on the topmost floor since he owns a helicopter (aside from owning a private plane with a 34 seater capacity and a yacht measuring 94 feet).



Initially, the 42nd floor of the building was considered to be the abode of Kuya Wil because practically, it is not far away from where he works. Another property owned by Willie, was the one he previously acquired for 80 M pesos from the ABS CBN’s big boss, Gabby Lopez.

He was also getting proposals from buyers regardig this property that’s why it led him into wanting to construct a new house.

But eventually, Willie decided to make the 42nd floor as a luxurious events place with a capacity of more than 170 pax, complete with meeting rooms as well as a private room.

A place that can cater an A-list party equipped with classy furniture pieces that is intended for the elite. The next thing on his mind is creating an events place with full-on glass surrounding, that will allow you to have a 360 degrees vista of the city which will be located on the 43rd floor.

Adding up to the list of his properties is a 5-star resort hotel in Iruhin, Tagaytay which is still under construction. It is located in a vast 5 hectare lot formerly owned by the Madrigal’s.

His rest house is also situated in the same lot where he enjoys swimming in an infinity pool while having a nice view over looking Taal volcano.

That and all of the other properties that still remains to be divulged. All of these wouldn’t be possible if not for his perseverance. He even compared his life to the letter W, a letter which signifies that in life, people go through the highs and lows. Truly, a man with an eye for aesthetics and certain of the things he really wants. A man with an innate discernment of what is beautiful and what is not. Have a glimpse of what 42nd Penthouse Events Place has to offer.

source: pikapika