Woman Complains About Church Charging Php5K For Her Brother’s Wedding Decor, But Used Plastic Bags as Balloon

Wedding is one of the most memorable and happiest events that everyone might experience in their life, that is also why many people spend a lot of money and effort just to make their dream wedding come true.

There are also couples who wanted to have a simple but nice wedding, especially those who are on a tight budget. Perhaps what’s more important to them is their union and marriage and not about having a grand wedding.

But what if the simple wedding you’re dreaming of turned out to be like this one?

In a recent Facebook post, a woman from Bagong Silang, Caloocan City, slammed a particular church on social media after allegedly demanding an unfair additional charge for her brother’s wedding.

The woman who was identified as Estela Puso decided to share several photos taken from the wedding to show how the organizer designed the church.

Based on her post, aside from the Php2,000, they paid to the church for the wedding ceremony, they were also told that they can simply add Php5,000 so that they can come up with some wedding decorations.

While they didn’t set their expectations high for that price, they got really disappointed after seeing the cheap church decorations during the actual wedding day.

As seen in her photos, the church organizer placed two cloths together, colored black and red as the carpet. Estela said that she was not sure whether this was really supposed to be two-toned or if they just ran out of cloth to use.

The flowers in the aisles, on the other hand, appeared to be some scraps from Divisoria and the even altar don’t have any decorations.

What makes this wedding even lousier is the entrance view of the church, their supposedly beautiful arch at the entrance was decorated with plastic bags masquerading as balloons.

Although many netizens agreed with Estela that the plastic bag balloons were certainly unfit and ugly for her brother’s wedding. Some also said that she shouldn't bash the church since everyone knows that weddings are really expensive events and that they shouldn't expect beautiful decorations for the price of Php5,000.

source: rachfeed