This Student’s Brilliant Idea To Sell School Supplies To Her Classmate, Goes Viral

If you’re a nice person who often finds it hard to tell your friends or classmates that you don’t want to lend them your things. Then you might want to consider doing what this wise student did before the school year starts.

In a recent Facebook post, a student named Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas shared photos of her school things with some notes written on it. She made this for those who wished to borrow these things from her.

She wrote in the caption: “Feeling ko dito ako yayaman HAHAHAHA. Hi mga classmates handa na akong maging mayaman HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA”

Photo credits: Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas | Facebook

Although it’s good to be generous with your school things, there are times when you’ll find it annoying to have classmates who are constantly “borrowing” your things, especially when you run out of your own supplies to use.

That’s why Sarah thought of a beneficiary solution to teach her classmates the value of her things, and at the same time, she could also earn money from it.

Photo credits: Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas | Facebook

The wise student decided to sell some of the usual things that her classmates borrow or ask from her during their class, such as papers, ballpen, and even hygiene products.

Photo credits: Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas | Facebook

Sarah also wrote in the notes, the price of her school supplies:

Paper, 1 peso per piece; Ballpen for rent, 3 pesos per hour (with a fine of 30 pesos if lost); Powder, 5 pesos per use; Alcohol, 1 peso per drop; Perfume, 3 pesos per spray and comb for rent at 2 pesos per use.

Photo credits: Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas | Facebook

As of this writing, the post already received 4.4k reactions and 15k shares on Facebook.

Many netizens were entertained with her brilliant idea that brought smiles to their faces, especially to the students who can relate to her post.

Check out some of their comments below:

“Yayaman ata ako kapag ganyan.”

“May negosyo na tayo habang nag-aaral.”

“ Business ideas.”

“Ikakayaman sana naten yan kaso ang alam ko kasi tayo ung nanghihingi.”

“Mayaman na sana tayo. haha”

source: definitelyfilipino