Former Airplane Cleaner Now Becomes a Pilot After 24 Years of Hardwork

Perseverance and determination were the investment of this man in Nigeria to reach his current position as a Captain in Azman Air Services Limited, a Nigeria’s Kano-based domestic airline company.

24 years ago, Mohammed Abubakar joined a local airline company in Nigeria, as an aircraft cleaner. But because of his hard work and determination, he recently received his fourth bar to become a captain.

[In an aircraft with more than one pilot, the senior pilot with full responsibility on a flight is called the Captain.]

According to Fombina Times, he took the job directly after graduating from secondary school and he never imagined that he’d one day be flying the planes he was cleaning.

At the time, Mohammed only earns 200 Nigerian Naira per day. He was later employed as a cabin crew member after a solid performance at an interview held in Kaduna, where he served Kabo Air for eight years, earning N17,000 monthly.

He was assigned in different jobs including being a ground staff except for security which helped him a lot to gain more knowledge in the aviation industry.

Mohammed later moved to Aero Contractors as a flight attendant, where he worked with their chartered services.

During his stay at Aero, the Deputy Managing Director of the company noticed that he could provide important inputs or advice on their operations. Mohammed soon developed a good working relationship with the director, who always asked his opinion on many things.

He then recalled that when he received his first salary at Aero Contractors, he was shocked, and even tried to return it the money thinking that the company has made a mistake because they paid him the sum of – N170,000 for a month.

But instead of adopting a lavish lifestyle, Mohammed decided to save and invest. He joined the contribution system of her co-workers and when he received the full amount of money he invested, he used it to improve himself.

With the advice of a deputy managing director friend, Mohammed trained as a pilot and later obtained a private pilot license in Canada.

According to him, the journey to reaching his dream has often been rough, and he even considered giving up.

“But I was able to weather the storm, and here we are today,” he said.

Now that his dream finally came true, he could proudly tell the world that he‘s a captain.

Congratulations Captain Mohammed Abubakar!

source: fombinatimes