This Guy Tries To Surprise Girlfriend On Her Birthday, Caught Her Cheating Instead

Having a prepared surprise for your loved ones on their special occasions is indeed a sweet thing to do — be it on birthdays, anniversaries, or just a random day where you feel like cheering them up.

However, there are also times when surprising someone happens to fall through because of some unexpected circumstances. Just like what this guy experienced when he tried to surprise his girlfriend, but it looks like he got a rather nasty shock in return.

The heartbreaking moment was apparently captured in a series of photos on Twitter.

The guy named Ken Wong recently went viral after he shared photos on his social media account of his failed birthday surprise. Ken was very excited as he prepared a bouquet of flowers as a gift for his girlfriend’s birthday.

But while on his way to surprise her, it turned out that he was the one who was surprised when another guy got there first to surprise her.

“Today is my girlfriend’s birthday, so I thought of giving her a surprise. I didn’t expect to see this scene,” Ken wrote in his tweet’s caption.

The photos show a couple near a parked car behind the poor guy, the girl hugged the other guy so enthusiastically that she had practically jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist, while Ken was holding back his tears.

While in the next photos, Ken looks really heartbroken as he starts tearing up as just found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him with another guy.

Despite the smile on his face, it appears like he was trying to laugh off the hurt and hold back his tears as he watched them hugging tightly in the parking lot.

Though it was not stated if the guy confronted them or simply left the scene without a word, netizens have mostly expressed sympathy towards the heartbroken man. They also advised him to break up with his cheating girlfriend so he could find someone better.

source: rachfeed