This 5-Year-Old Girl Waits Alone Outside Her Mother’s Labor Room And Wrote Something On Her palm That Made The Nurse Cry

Many couples look forward to having children after marriage because they believe that parenting or having a child is the most rewarding part of life – getting to know a little baby, raising a growing child and developing a relationship with a maturing son or daughter.

Thinking that she could not give birth to a child, this 38-year-old woman was forced by her own family to divorce her former husband since they did not want her to further humiliate their family.

Following years of unable to get pregnant, Meng Hao ended her first marriage, but eventually, she learned from the doctor that she was not the one who was at fault.

After that, she decided to leave her hometown to find a job at a new city, where she met another man and get married for the second time.

But this time, Meng Hao got pregnant immediately after her marriage and later gave birth to a baby girl that made her family really happy. While on the other hand, her in-laws felt a bit dismayed since they had been hoping for her to give birth to a son.

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Although she knew well that her in-laws were a bit conservative, the gender of her baby was definitely beyond her control.

In spite of that, the birth of her daughter brought so much happiness and joy to her life.

Meng Hao later realized that something was not right with her adorable baby. Her daughter wasn’t responding to her when she called her name, or when she tried to talk to her.

They soon find out that her daughter was born deaf and mute, which was another huge blow to both Meng Hao and her family. Because of this, her in-laws forced her to get pregnant again.

When Meng Hao became pregnant with her second child she went into labor earlier than expected. At the time, it was only her and her little daughter was at their home. With that being the case, she just decided to bring her daughter along with her to the hospital.

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Thankfully, Meng Hao delivered safely her second child only after a few hours. When the attending nurse went out to give the good news to the family, she was surprised upon seeing that their patient’s daughter was the only person waiting outside the delivery room.

The little girl saw the nurse and she immediately walked towards her, she then opened her hand to show something that’s really important.

After seeing what’s on the little girl’s palm, the nurse started to cry. “Mom, okay?” These are the words written by the little girl.

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The touching story of this little girl proves that a child’s heart is pure and they may love their loved ones more than anyone could do. She may be born mute and deaf, but this did not stop her to express how much she loves and cared for her mother.