Student Shared That His Cat Is His Inspiration To Graduate From College

Humans can’t resist the level of charm cats have, even if they’re not a fan of cats in general. Some of us might probably experience that when we saw a lovely cat that saunters our way, it’s not that easy to resist the impulse to stroke their head, even if this is not so wise to do.

But do you know the reasons why do we find these cute little creatures so irresistible? Well, if you happened to own a cat, then you’ll probably know the joy that cats can bring.

Just like this recently graduated student who proudly shared that his cat serves as his inspiration to graduate from college.

Last May 11, Choi Mansan uploaded a photo of him with his cat on Facebook. He then captioned the photo with, “I work hard so my cat can have a better life”

As seen in the photo, Choi was wearing his graduation toga while he carries his cute orange tabby-patterned cat.

Based on the photo’s caption, his cat is the reason why he really strives hard to finish his studies. He also said that he did this because he wants to provide a better life for his cat.

Netizens were amazed by the love this young man has shown for his pet. Though some may find his inspiration a bit weird, many still find his post very touching, especially for cat lovers like him.

Here are some of their comments below:

“Because this is my first life ang peg“

“Proud po ako sa inyo“

“Same. I did and still do. I worked so hard to bring my rescued puspin here with me in Germany. I still work hard to adopt other cats from other countries like Bulgaria and Romania where stray cats mostly suffer from streets. My rescued puspin is having a better life here together with other rescued and adopted cats since 2013.”

Since posting, his photo has already received more than 33k reactions, 5.6k comments, and 34k shares on Facebook.