Store Manager Who Explained Their ‘Strawless Policy,’ Splashed With Soda By Rude Customer

Many business establishments including fast-food chains have already started to enforce “strawless policy” that aims to reduce the use of plastic straw in drinks 

This is also to support the advocacy of environmental protection that helps save marine animals and the environment as a whole.

However, a manager of a popular fast-food chain was humiliated by a rude customer for not providing a plastic straw in compliance with this policy. It appears that some customers were not happy with their purchases of drinks without the straw.

In a Facebook post of a Jollibee manager named Imee Joy Urgelles on May 31, she shared some photos of her uniform splashed with soda by a female customer who got angry because of their branch’s new policy.

The poor manager said that she was humiliated by an irate customer for not providing a plastic straw in compliance with their “strawless” policy.

“Sa customer na nagbuhos sakin ng softdrinks dahil sa “straw less” kami ingat po kayo Mam,” she wrote.

“Thank you dahil sa inyo napatunayan ko na effective manager ako. Hindi ko man nabigay ang straw na kailangan mo at least naexplain ko nang maayos kung bakit wala kaming straw,” Imee added.

Despite the humiliation she suffered, Imee still managed to control her temper and kindly explain this new policy to the customer.

She also expressed her gratitude to all fast-food customers who understand the store’s advocacy.

“Sa lahat ng fast-food customer na nakakaintindi at nakakaunawa ng ‘strawless’ kudos sa inyo,” she said.

In the last part of her post, she also included that her mother was the one who ironed her uniform earlier that day, and despite what happened to her uniform, Imee still continued with her duty.

Many netizens admire Imee’s behavior as a store manager who stands for their policy and calmly responds to incidents like this, including her boss in the fast-food chain, who also expressed their admiration for their employee.

source: definitelyfilipino