Remember Former Champ Rey ‘Bom-Bom’ Bautista? Here is his Life now After Leavin his Boxing Career

Reynaldo “Rey” Bautista or more commonly known as Boom Boom Bautista, is a retired Filipino professional boxer.

The former boxing champion was once the darling of the Cebuano boxing crowd whose engagement with the fans turned sour the moment he suffered his first-round knockout loss to Daniel Ponce de Leon in the World Cup of Boxing in 2007.

Rey ‘Boom Boom’ Bautista has won several regional titles and was tagged as one of the most exciting fighters in the country and a huge crowd drawer and has been touted as the next Manny Pacquiao.

His last fight was against Juan Martinez on September 5, 2013, in Dubai World Trade Center, and though he won via technical decision, he suffered severe cuts and was advised to retire.

But while most Filipino boxers, even those who won world titles, wind up destitute and penniless or without a job after their retirement, Bautista made sure he won’t be in the same situation and started his career as a boxing trainer in the Philippine Air Force.

Many people encouraged him to pursue his boxing career once again, but he was firm on his decision in leaving the boxing field.

After his stint as a trainer in the Philippine Air Force, Bautista then became a boxing coach at the Philippine Military Academy and taught several academic subjects to the future military leaders of the country. He was also reported serving as a referee for amateur boxing in Baguio City.

But although he was given the chance to fight again in the ring in 2015, he still chose to become a soldier because he wanted to have a stable and it’s really his longtime dream to serve the country as a soldier.

In his entire boxing career, Bautista had a record of 36 Wins (25 knockouts, 11 decisions), 3 Losses (2 decisions, 1 KO), and 0 Draw.