Plastic Barter Store That Accepts Different Plastic Waste In Exchange For Rice & Other Supplies Opens In Cebu

Plastic pollution is a major problem in our country that it has affected even marine life in the deepest part of the ocean. As a result, many marine creatures like fish, seabirds, sea turtles, and marine mammals suffered and had lost their lives because of plastic debris and other trash in the sea that these sea creatures ingested or become entangled in.

Although this problem was mainly caused by the lack of disciple of humans, it is also good to know that many people and other environmental organizations are doing their best to help resolve this plastic waste problem.

Just like this newly opened store in Cebu called “Plastic Barter Store,” which aims to reduce plastic waste, and at the same time helping poor families in their city by providing some of their daily needs in exchange for different plastic waste.

Facebook user named Alan Domingo shared photos taken from the said “Plastic Barter Store,” Balay Samaritano in Mabini Street, Cebu City, near the University of Southern Philippines (USP).

Looking at the photos, the store has different items that their customers can have in exchange for their plastic trash.

Some of the items displayed are packs of rice, canned sardines, clothes, slippers, toys, and other school supplies.

They also indicated the corresponding weight of plastic in exchange for an item. For example, a kilo of rice is equivalent to 4 kilos of plastic, while customers can have a toy for 2 kilos of plastic.

The Plastic Barter Store is accepting different kinds of plastic such as plastic bottles, shampoo packs or sachet and other plastic wrappers which should be cleaned first before you trade it in the store.

A lot of netizens praised this concept of reducing plastic trash by encouraging people to stop throwing their trash and simply have it in exchange for something that will be useful for them.

This is also a good thing for poor folks who previously had nothing to do but beg in the streets as they can now get some food and other stuff they need just by clearing the streets and collecting plastic trash thrown in the streets, which is one of the leading causes of sewer clog-up during heavy rain.

Many people also hope that other places in our country would also open a similar concept store that will help rid city streets of plastic trash while at the same time teach the community the value of recycling and self-discipline.

In a report by The World Counts, they said that the entire world is producing an estimated amount of 2.12 billion tons of waste each year, with around 99% of the things we buy being thrown in the trash in just a short span of six months.

Given that the population and urbanization across the world will continue to rise rapidly, the World Bank estimates that global waste could increase at 70% by 2050.

“If we don't take any action it could have quite significant implications for health, productivity, environment, livelihoods,” World Bank urban development specialist, Silpa Kaza said.

source: rachfeed