Netizen Encourages Everyone To Always Clean Their Tables After Eating At Fastfood Restaurants

Many people in our country are used in leaving their table untidy after eating or just walk out of the restaurants with all of their stuff still on the table. The sad reality is most of us expect that the restaurant staffs are the one responsible for wiping the tables and not us; after all, that is their job, right?

But think of the times when you still need to call a service crew just to clean up a vacant table full of trash left by the previous customer. Although no one is going to chase after you or force you to clean up the tables by yourself, it would still be polite to at least tidy up your table after you finish eating.

In that way, the service crew would not have a hard time clearing up the table and getting it ready for the next customers.

That is the practice that this netizen wants to instill in everyone — to always clean the table that they used at any fast food restaurant.

Junery Ace Villa recently shared a post on Facebook, where he urges everyone to clean up their own tables.

“Practice doing this whenever you will eat outside and you will surely bring smile on the crew’s face,” he captioned the post.

He also included a photo that shows what a clean table looks like, no crumbs or spilled drinks and sauce in sight. All of the plates, bowls, and glasses were stacked neatly together while the spoons, forks, and calamansi and leftover foods were also placed on the plate.

The post instantly went viral and has already reached over 30k reaction and 97k shares as of this writing.

Many netizens agreed with his suggestion and said that this is exactly what they do when they’re dining out. While others tagged their friends in the post to encourage them to do the same.

source: virtualpinoy