Matagal na Inilihim: Meet Aubrey Miles Eldest Son, John Maurie Obligacion

Actress-model and certified fitness trainer Aubrey Miles eldest son, Maurie turned 18 last April 25. Recently, he achieved another milestone after graduating high school at La Salle Greenhills. Maurie is Aubrey’s son her ex-boyfriend JP Obligacion.

Last June 15, Maurie and his stepfather Troy Montero were among the guests on GMA's noontime variety show Eat Bulaga for their “Boom” segment Father’s Day edition.

Although the two were not related by blood, Troy has always treated Maurie as part of his family and their closeness proves it all. The 41-year-old actor is also proud and happy for Maurie’s latest achievement.

However, their father and son closeness doesn’t mean that the young man's relationship with his real dad, JP Obligacion is not okay.

In fact, Maurie shared some photos taken during his graduation ceremony on his Instagram account, showing his two fathers, JP and Troy both attended this special event.

It will be recalled that Aubrey formally introduced her eldest son to the public together with her long-time partner, actor Troy Montero in ABS-CBN’s morning show Magandang Buhay last January 18, 2017.

The actress was only 23 when she got pregnant with her first child, and because she was aiming at the time for a second chance in her showbiz career. Aubrey decided to keep his son as a secret to the public.

According to an article by PEP, Aubrey admitted that she had difficulty denying her own child for almost seven years. But she did this because she’s an independent woman and she doesn’t want to rely on other people to provide the needs of her child.

Maurie was only two years old when Troy and his mother Aubrey Miles began dating.

Now, the celebrity couple already has two children, 10-year-old son named Hunter Cody, and the newest addition to the family their first daughter, baby Rocket, who was born on December 14, 2018.